Report: Ticats trade for rights to QB Bo Levi Mitchell

Not out of the question. There's only so many chairs & too many QB's looking for starts. Right now Rourke in BC, Maier, Collaros, Masoli, Harris & McBeth are unlikely to lose their starting positions. I don't see the Elks looking beyond their 2 young guys in Cornelius & Ford. Fajardo & Adams Jr both have the same tool set as those 2 - they can run but are they better? Cornelius has shown improvement & hasn't hit his potential. Seems to me Fajardo's arrow has been pointing down for 2 years, Adams - what you see is what you get.

So there were likely only 2 starting positions available - Regina & Hamilton. And you have 3 starters looking for jobs next year. IMO Fajardo is the best bet to stay. I don't see Dane Evans in Regina. Adams likely stays in BC because Rourke may look south after next year. The Riders may offer him more but he was there before & that OL is problematic. I would not be surprised to see Dane take a haircut & stay in Hamilton. All speculation. Could one of them end up in Edmonton with the young guys? I have my doubts. None of those 3 look like tutors to me & that's what I would want if I were Jones.

3rd round pick 2023
5th round 2024
Future considerations

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Maybe that's where E ihe table by the time the Riders react.

[/quote]Pretty sure the Riders would sign Fajardo back and fix their o-line long before they would even consider going after Evans. I'd rather have Mason Fine than Evans.

Evans 4 season 2 over 3000 and 2 under 1,000 yards passing… two injured seasons no thanks be gone

Another Calgary stampeders QB joining the ticats. Similar to what happened in 2011 with Henry Burris. The weirdest thing is it is almost 10 years apart.

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I was just thinking about that. So does that mean BLM will be leading the Redblacks to a Cup victory in a few seasons?

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Does Huff have pictures of Steinhauer with a goat? What a price to give up in my opinion.

I’m excited and confused at the same time. Bo Levi is a great quarterback, but will he want to be 2nd string to Dane Evans? And what about Matthew Shiltz? He’s a fantastic 2nd and could be a 1st as he has proved when Dane was injured. Here’s to hoping Hamilton keeps them all… Bo and Dane mixed in throughout the game and Matthew as “2nd” QB and short first down tries plus field goal holder.

BLM gives them a chance with what they have and extends the best before date of the current team one more year. Lots of guys are "long in the tooth" in Hamilton and the D needs a rebuild to fix that so....Bo gives them that one last chance at a cup.

Of the two they have keep Schiltz....hes the future and the understudy guy.


If Bo's agent is a good 1 he should line up tryouts with NFL teams for the 2 week window CFL free agents have to try to strike a deal in the NFL. Hope he stays in the CFL but at age 32 he has to go for the BIG BUCKS even as a backup at his age like Doug Flutie did some years ago.

And Burris would have won us the Grey Cup in 2014 if not for Taylor Reed's holding penalty on Speedy's return TD. Grrrr.


I don't think that was Burris... perhaps Collaros


I would agree but here me out in this bo afterwards ends up playing for like a new expansion cfl team. The question is which city in Canada would he play for. I say either Halifax, Moncton and maybe Quebec city.

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It was Zach, absolutely.

I always thought that any player moves, or any news about non GC team for that matter, was frowned upon in the past during GC week. This story is going to take the headlines all week and the GC is now going to be about 300 posts behind this news on this forum.

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Bo has a better chance at going to the Grey Cup from the East. Besides Riders O line is a mess , not a draw for a QB coming off an injury to his shoulder.

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Hamilton will sign Bo. Shiltz would be a great second QB.

Only possibilities seem to be Regina or Edmonton, however Edmonton seems to be prepping for a QB competition with the younger guys they finished the season with, Cornelius and Ford?

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Assuming BLM actually signs then Evans is gone for sure.

They can't keep both on high salaries and Shiltz I think has resigned himself to career backup status, so he's bound to be cheaper as he'll be happy to sign for whatever money he gets - then you have Jalen Morton potentially elevated to the active roster as the short-yardage run 3rd stringer.

As previous posters have said, It's hard to see where Evans goes unless he takes a major pay cut, and at 30 after some up-and-down seasons, could he potentially be out of the league entirely?

if Bo signs with the ti-cats, Fajardo should go to Argos to be a backup. i also think this off-season Macbeth’s beard will continue to grow rapidly until it takes over his body then he will probably disappear into the forest and become a bigfoot.


i admit i would like to see all of Bo, Fajardo and MBT in the east division slugging it out.