Report: Ticats to use Mitchell, Shiltz in ESF

TORONTO — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats have dug deep into their quarterback room this season. That appears to not be changing during the playoffs.

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This is combination does not surprise anyone (Mitchell and Shiltz), and I hope that Mitchell appreciates that Powell needs to be thanked for his HUGE contribution - without his great rookie performance, the Cats would not be in the playoffs. Shiltz has played very well too - now it is time for Bo to step up BIG TIME - if he can’t deliver, then he should step aside during the off season. As a Cat fan, I am pulling for Bo and the Tigers - Oskee-wee-wee! Man, they have frayed my nerves this year.

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Sad to see that Mitchell as predicted by Dave Dickenson has had his days in the sun. It is great that Steinauer is giving him one last chance to prove what the entire Ticat fan base were hoping at the beginning of the 2023 season. This is playoff time so I fully expect Mitchell who has only achieved less than 60 % completion rate this season will be replaced by a better QB in Shiltz by half time to hopefully salvage the game.

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He definitely appreciate them!

Ahh, sports journalists, masters of the obvious…

In my humble opinion I would rather trust Cody Fajardo in a one game scenario versus the ridiculous quarterback situation in Hamilton. The team who controls the ground game and clock will prevail this weekends East Semi-final. The Als will defeat the Cats for the “4th Time” in this 2023 season. May the best team win ! :slightly_smiling_face: :star_struck: :football: :canada:

Note: Just ask Bobby if you “Don’t Believe Me” :joy:
#4 Robert Orr

I appreciated the Masoli-Evans combination to get the Tabbies to the Grey Cup in years past, and I just think it’s a reflection of the coaching style.

I agree with the decision, as I think it’s best to put Shiltz in first due to a number of reasons. And if Bo has to share the time, then it’s best if he’s second.

It should be a great game for CFL fans in general. I wish they could play it in a larger stadium. I love the neighborhood where the stadium is located, it’s got great accessibility by public transportation and it’s close to plenty of cool spots, but it’s clearly McGill’s field and the Als are just using it. Plus the stadium is too small.