Report: Ticats looking to trade up?

So the 1st over all pick a couple of years ago, our 1st from this year (Carlson)and a second for the 6th overall.....I guess you would take that!!!

I know it's fun to speculate, but I think some people are getting a little carried away...To those I say, don't quit your day jobs!

Wouldn't we still be ripping you off?Here's my offer.
We'll give you Arland bruce, Maurice Mann, Dylan Barker, Marwan Hage, Peter Dyakowski, Deandra Cobb, Markeith Knowlton, Darell Adams, Jamall Johnson, Jason Shivers, Zac Carlson, Chris Bauman, Matt Carter and our 12th overall pick for your 6th.Deal? :roll:

Do you actually think you can get that ripoff deal by a Bomber? Shame on you! Add Glenn, DeAngelis and Pigskin Pete and you might have a deal...After all, we are talking about an unproven kicker who just might be in the CFL hall of fame one day!!! :smiley:

Just because the guy went first a couple years ago doesnt mean he has anywhere close to that value. Rob Bagg a receiver who went undrafted that year has 100 times more value than Bauman.

Good thing we didnt make that trade.

Agreed... But who do we take now maybe D-Dline??

Nobody seems to want Carlson and the Cats want to trade him you wonder who scouted him for the Cats. :roll: :oops:

Since Carlson went to school in Utah at weber state it would have been either western US scout Richard Wade or Obie himself. Most likely Wade.

Wade scouts the west half of the US and McManus the east.

Now that the Bummer brain trust is suddenly in love with keeping picks .... it might be more of a reflection of that than not wanting Carlson.
Every draft choice is a roll of the dice and Carlson might be a lot more useful before any of WPGs picks. With Bucky at QB one day soon it might be WPG regretting not making the deal for O-line help.

Ya good thing or else they would have taken Founier with the 6th pick lol

It would have been great had we got the 6th pick and drafted one of the great receivers available.

well we got the neg list qb alex brink from you guys and multiple sources close to the bombers are saying he has signed with us already.

so thanks :slight_smile: dont know much about him but.. qb depth never hurts.

I hear he is a smarter faster version of Dan Marino

A smarter faster Marino? Thats why he is looking for work in the CFL right?

And since you turned down Carlson and didnt address O-line in the draft...then there's Buck... QB depth might be exactly what you need.

Zen i was trying to talk like Obie for a second lol. I wonder if Obie still refers to Brown as a bigger, stronger, faster version of Jason Clermont?

According to Killer the bombers have a log jam of backup future hall of famers on their oline.

Pfft, they've got pure legends everywhere on their roster according to them.Even the rookie's who've never played a down of CFL football are gunna school everyone this year.Can't take very much they say seriously.

check out the roster

one is missing and thats tackle kelly butler

tell me we dont have olinemen then.

tied for least amount of sacks in the league last year at 26.

why you guys so worried about the terrible bombers anyways?

We're not worried,we find it funny how you're peer's think the Bomber's are going to whomp everyone this year despite new management, new roster, glass QB, etc.It may happen, but until it's proven, you guy's sound insane.