Report: Ticats looking to trade up?

Ticats looking to trade up

Drew Edwards---

I'm hearing that the Ticats are looking to trade up in tomorrow's CFL draft.

Apparently, they've offered offensive lineman Zac Carlson

and the rights to a neg list player to Winnipeg for the No. 6 pick.


Zac did nothing special to distinguish himself on the practice field all last year.

It's better to have "a bird in the hand" like Rob Maver
than Zac, who, imo, is at best, a long term project.

No harm in sending feelers out to Winnipeg.

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

that deal wont happen unless u guys add a few picks.

thing is.. bombers only have 3 picks and the cats want them to give up one for a guy the bombers dont need and a guy who may never play in the cfl.

obie might have been able to pull that crap with taman or kelly but i dont think joe mack is as dumb as those 2

This has already been discussed to death in another thread lol

This is real news, Drexl. It's not fan speculation. There is a big difference.

It is the same, Zak Carlson and neg player for the 6th pick.

yup its just a rumor that was started on the scratching post site..

its discussed in the thread below this one.

all it is is speculation, its not news.. its rumor.

Lol i didnt know the other thread was discussing fan speculation. Maybe Drew got his info from that thread lol

But anyways it doesnt look like Winnipeg will jump on this deal because Carlson is not a need player for them, unless the neg player is someone they really want.

Someone on the Ticats screwed up royally by taking Carlson last year, if we're just going to trade him for another high draft pick this year. I'm very surprised and disapointed if this rumor is true.

Looking at it from this point in time, yes it does look bad.But, when you look at possibly the worst OL a few year's in a row going into '09... You can't blame them for wanting to take a top 3 OL to improve the chance's.Now that they like the depth, they believe he may have value to someone else because he certainly doesn't have much here.If Winnipeg take's the deal, they're definitely getting a great OL, and we're getting a pick for a player we no longer need.Sound's fair to me.

Theres a good chance Calgary takes Maver at 5, so why do we think we can get him at 6?

Maybe the Cats have another highly-rated player on their radar that they think might be gone by their pick in round 2?

maybe the cats are looking at chris bodnar instead as he is apparently a better punter than maver. who knows. we'll all find out bright and early tomorrow :slight_smile:

It won't matter, Winnipeg will not make that trade. The talent level available at #6 is great and if Winnipeg is willing to part with the pick they can do much better than a neg list QB and a lazy kid who quit on his college team.

id take carlson, bauman and the 12th.. 2 local kids and the 12th for our 6th.

looks like Borehamboy is going to be a Boatman. :lol: :oops:

I just read on the Scratching Post blog that the bombers have declined Obies trade offer of Carlson and a neg list player for the 6th pick.

Link: ... -deal.html

I did not think the trade would happen .. They all Know Carlson Could be a bust..

I would hardly call Carlson a bust. He had an injury the first few weeks of 09 and by the time he was healthy again Rottier had already staked his claim as the main backup.

I'm not surprised Winnipeg declined the deal. . . but it has little to do with Carlson's abilities or perceived lack thereof. It's just that Winnipeg doesn't have many draft picks, due their two previous regimes under Taman and then Kelly tended to trade a lot of their draft picks, and I think the new regime would prefer to hang on to them. . . given that they don't have many picks this year, I think you'd have to make a really really good offer to pry that 6th pick from them. . . a neg list player and Carlson isn't going to get it done, and I think their price would be too high for Obie to consider. Just a guess, mind you.