report: Ticats likely to trade for Glenn and cut Printers

I forgot to add. If we do trade for Glen, get him in here quick and give him the playbook to review. And then hope that whoever we's someone with an enlarged spleen so we can pawn off a draft pick instead.

Why does Kelly want him GONE so bad then?

Not only this, but I think Obie's interest speaks volumes about the previous working relationships Glenn has had with each of Marcel, Khari, and Mike Gibson. I would guess Obie is getting feedback from those guys that Glenn is a character guy who they think would be a good fit in the lockerroom, in addition to his capability on the field.

Also, Glenn has racked up way more active game-hours over the last few years compared to Casey, so his vision and decision-making are probably much more mature. That would also help make him valuable in contributing to Porter's development.

Others have remarked on Casey's tendency to have tunnel-vision looking for his receiver. Whatever shortcomings Glenn has, he's usually been pretty good about spreading the ball around. Granted Glenn has had the luxury of decent protection and outstanding receivers, but it's still an indication of how we could expect him to approach the game if he comes here.

I'm also inclined to agree with those who think that talk of moving Casey is an indication the Cats may make a serious play for Rob Murphy.

I'm willing to give Glenn a cahnce if this deal goes through.

He was very impressive in '07 when he took the Bombers to the Grey Cup, but last year...I dunno... was it the entire team imploding?

If Printers is released, you definately need a tutor for Porter and Tafralis.

The $64.000 question is, what to give up. Hopefully it would only be the draft pick.

I see no indication that Casey is Lock room Cancer
My Guess the ask the Bomber for Permission to talk to Glens Agent .
Redo His Salary then offer the trade maybe Winnipegs pick back.. is my guess
So in Since we'd have Traded Zeke for Kevin Glen and Right to Correy Mase.

Then we make huge offer for Murphy and one other Tackle

My feeling winn. wants Williams in the trade for Glen and I say No! to that. We need at least one
experienced qb (with more than one year under his belt in the cfl) who is mobile. Glen is not mobile
and is injury prone. :thdn: :thdn:

and he makes 250k plus...So the Ticats bring in Glenn at a quarter million. They start Porter, let's hypotise he has a great year. He now plays his option year. How much is Porter going to ask for if his backup was making 250k? If they want an experienced QB there is Crandell, Bishop and possibly Banks that will be available and they don't have to give up anything.

I am less then impressed with Obilovich so far. With the exception of a few receivers he's found on a public basketball court he's brought nothing in to the Ticats other then trades (mostly bad) with the exception of Knowlton, signed some waived players. What talent has he actualy signed and recruted from the States? Let's hope things get a lot more dynamic before the start of the season. If they give up Williams , a draft pick or a starting NI for Glenn it will only mortgage the Ticats future some more.

This does bring up an interesting scenario. Thinking back to the Canada - Moreno trade, which fell through, technically, the Bombers didn't really have to compensate the Ticats with what they ended up giving them, it was more of a gentlemens agreement than anything. Perhaps that marker is being called in ?

Seriously though, Glenn wants to be traded to either Hamilton or Toronto, those are his choices, kelly is just trying to get the deal done for him.

Why is he being traded, because Bomber fans can't stand the guy and I'm sure the feeling is mutual, time for him to move on.

Bob O'Billovich had mixed results in his trades last year. In addition to picking up Markeith Knowlton for a draft choice, he obtained defensive back Chris Thompson for receiver Brock Ralph and they both worked out well. The team definitely lost in the short term on the Moreno trade but we will have to wait until the Ticats use the 2009 draft pick they acquired from the Bombers (i.e. first round, third choice overall) to begin to see what kind of a return they get on their end of the trade.

If Obie does decide to make an offer for Kevin Glenn, hopefully he will do an advance check on his health status in order to avoid another Tom Canada trade debacle.

If we are talking about a backup for Porter- I would prefer Williams rather than Glenn as a backup.
he is cheaper,mobile and not as injury prone as Glenn :thup:

Grading Obilovich (Not that it matters)

Evalutation of existing football personel: Retained Taafe, prevented Taafe from leaving, fired Taafe, fired Mcarthy, retained Rambo, fired or "released" Rambo, hired Creehan, fired Creehan, hired Bellefeuille, promoted Bellefeuille: E

Retaining Free Agents: Did he retain ONE?: E All have made contribution to their teams with the exception of one.

2008 CFL Draft: Picked a NI safety who didn't play a down, Picked a receiver signed by Colts, traded 3rd pick (9th.) for an import LB. Drafted MIke Giffin with third round pick released him without a contract, lost to Mtl for nada : D (cause Knolton did ok).

US recruiting 2008: Two free agent camps. Might have found a couple receivers in Mitchell and Rodriguez, still early to tell. A third string running back/returner who made some calls when the AAFL folded: D

Trades:1) Knowlton for 9th pick overall, NI prospect for import starter: B, 2} Moreno for 3rd pick overall, too early to tell but All star NI for prospect for 2008 and 2009 E, 3) Ralph for Thompson C Ni for import starter: C

Strenghtening Scouting department and football personel: Everybody's been fired a rookie hired one year in to his contract: D

Three measuring sticks in the next couple months. 1) Free Agency 2) CFL Draft 3)Rookie camp.

Then we will have a real good idea and we will know for sure end of july.

....According to the first line in your statement.... what's the difference...' it really doesn't matter'.... :roll:

I'd rather have Printers over Glenn and his noodle arm.. This team doesnt know what the f**** they're doing and will once again be the joke of the league. We have the most talented young qb in the league in Porter why trade for an average over paid guy? Bring in the right coaches to help Porter with the mental aspects of the game and quit dickking around with these pointless deals obie..

This team needs to trade for Glenn like they need another 3 win season.

And the same goes for every post you, I or anyone makes here. They won't change one thing that happened last year. We are here none the less.

.....wrong......every post i make ,is with ,the object of constructive have your take....i have mine... however i do agree with you in one respect....things will all be resolved eventually ....with or without us... What was it someone said????....The universe is unfolding as it should... can apply to many situations....even football :wink: :lol:

No kidding. Promoting offloading Glenn the Gimp and his 250k salary is certainly constructive if your a Bomber fan. Props to you :wink:

BEWARE OBIE... Another bonehead trade with Peg would be very very painful to a lot of Hammertoneians. :oops: :oops:

;;;i believe that should read 'gump'.....remember in the film when Hanks kicked off those knee braces.... dynamite....could happen again... :wink:

Wern't you one of the guys that called Calvillo noodle armed just before the season started ?????

Porter shows promise for sure, but I think the logic is that he, like all young QBs will stink out the place from time to time. Last year, he torched the Als one week, the next week he wasn't so great.

The idea of getting an experienced backup is good, however I don't think Glenn is the guy.

As much as I have critisized Williams as a starter (bad mechanics, weak arm etc.) I think that as a backup, he could be effective....

As an armchair GM, I would be fine with the Porter Williams combo...

Best quote of 2009

I'd keep Printers if only for the reason of not having him lead another East Division team to the play-offs.