report: Ticats likely to trade for Glenn and cut Printers

Ed Tait of the Winnipeg Free Press is reporting that the Ticats will likely trade for Glenn and cut Printers by early next week:

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I hope Obie doesn't give up an impact player in this deal. Ideally, I think he'd like to ship out Richie Williams, who is never going to start again in Hamilton. Or maybe the Bombers will get their first round draft choice (aquired by Hamilton in the Moreno deal) back? We'll soon see.

i hope we dont give up too much for him, i like Richie Williams but i think its definately a possibility that hes the guy were giving up.

If the Ticats acquire Kevin Glenn and cut Casey Printers as the report suggests could happen, it would make sense to keep Richie Williams and Adam Tafralis and let them compete for the backup quarterback position. In additon, the Bombers already have Stefan LeFors, Ryan Dinwiddie, Bryan Randall and Timmy Chang on their roster so it would be surprising if they wanted an additional quarterback.

The return of the Bombers' 2009 first round draft choice (3rd overall) might occur in such a trade although it would be preferable for the Ticats to hang onto that choice seeing that they gave up CFL all-star middle linebacker Zeke Moreno to get it. A second round draft choice plus an import player, other than a quarterback, from a list provided by the Ticats would be a fair trade in return for Glenn.

If we make this move, CP will come back to haunt us. Book it.

On a better team with better coaching, I think you're right. Printers backing up AC for a year or two would be ideal for him.

An ARgo-Cat fan

8) CP could very well come back to haunt us a member of the Argos !!!
  Don't kid yourself, they would sign him in a heartbeat, irregardless if it puts them over the cap or not   !!!!!

When Obie shores up our defence to rival those of the west, and he will, it will be good to see Printers scrambling for his life, throwing passes into the turf and generally making an embarrassment of himself and the team he's with, beit TO or Montreal or somebody else, I for one will be happy. IMO Printers is not an asset to the Cats and we are better off without him.Will Glenn be any better? I don't know. But I'm willing to dump Printers to find out.
No facts here, just my thoughts.

If Printers is released by the Ticats, and provided that his agent lowers Printers' salary expectations for his first and second year with the new team, Montreal may be the best fit for him. Of course, Marcel Desjardins, now the Alouette assistant GM, signed Printers when he was GM of the Ticats in 2007. The point made by barneyfife1 about the excellent Alouette offensive coaching staff and learning from a veteran quarterback like Anthony Calvillo are well taken. In addition, Casey Printers is a young quarterback at age 27 and still carries some potential even though his performance in Hamilton over the past year and a half has been underwhelming. At the right price, the Alouettes, the Argos and perhaps even the Riders will be eager to try to tap into that potential if he is released by the Ticats. And maybe Printers would even try to return to the NFL if there is any interest. An early release would give his agent many options to explore.

I would easily take printers over glenn but mayby this static thinking is not what is needed right now.Im not sure. How many teams in your opinion would rather have casey? How many teams would rather have Glenn instead? If Casey cant perform here what makes anyone think Glenn can do any better. I dont.. I really dont get it. Is printers injured cause if he is not I would never NEVER trade this guy. Im also not too happy on the 50/50 comment made by obie but I am still convinced that he has a method behind his madness. Obie is no fool but man sometimes....Why are we focusing attention at this position anyways? Keep who you have at qb and find guys to better protect them. Their is more pressing issues..Thumbs up on the otis floyd signing btw. Finally got some viscious teeth on this team.

Glenn gives you guys something you haven't had since McManus, a legit starting QB in the league who can win. Porters an up and comer but he ain't ready to be a full time starter. Couple that with Marshall rebuilding your defense and you guys are an instant playoff contender not just a pretender. This is a golden opportunity whether you like it or not.

A legit starting qb ..well...see theres a good point

Good coaching is what Glenn needs to win, with CP it's attitude and throwing motion problems as well. Maybe Khari and Bellefuille can get him back to winning ways, and you need a bona fide veteran to be able to step in and let porter have a look from the sidelines without having to blow the game with a rookie backup. :thup:

The article by Ed Tait in the Winnipeg Free Press today states that Kevin Glenn is due to receive a bonus payment from the Bombers in March, 2009 so they have to trade or release him by then to avoid that cost. If the Ticats trade for Glenn, they will have to pick up the cost of that bonus. If they wait for his release, they can negotiate a new contract with him but run the risk of the Bombers trading him to the Argos or another CFL team within the next few weeks. It will be interesting to see how Obie handles this situation.

hey i agree with pigsfeet on this one big time. he's saying trading for KG would give the cats something they haven't had since the days of #14. it's no co-incidence that they haven't been respectable since. i'm sure we all know that success begins and ends with a solid qb who can adapt to any situation and on the surface i can see how you might be skeptical about letting popcorn go but, we're talking about a guy who can complete passes here-i like maas but... i like casey but... you get it.
i say get him in here,give up who you have to give up(NML maybe and a pick) and start to build- is derick armstrong free?

this would be a solid acquisition for a team that is a couple pieces away in a suddenly suspect east division. bit by bit...can you see it happening?

city legend

This would be as bad a trade as the Jason Maas one. This is absolutely awful, the Ticats are going to give up picks or players for a QB that would be released before his bonus is due March 1st and Hamilton has first dibs at waivers having finished last AGAIN. I'm sorry but if Obilovich does that, he's a m.... Bob Young needs to swap his panties for a real pair of shorts...

I see us destroying our season before it even starts with this trade.
if we trade for Glen by giving them Williams and a first round pick as well as cutting Printers I see
this happening; 1. we willl have three Qb’s left; Glen - experienced but not that mobile and
prone to injury.
Porter - I like him but has only one year with
the team and we have had qb’s
look good after one year and boom
the second year.
Pus a Rookie Qb.
This senario means trouble.
2. Also Printers can come back and bite our ass, especially if he lands in TO.
3. We lose a possible valuable linemen if we give back winn’s draft pick. :thdn:

If Glen is released by the Bombers, and Ticats have first dibs on signing him --WHY are they Talking Trade??

So that someone else doesn't get him in a trade.

If you were in last place you get first dibs on players released, this is true. But if you want a guy you know the other team is trying to trade, waiting for them to release him so you can get him 'for free' is a gamble, because then you lose out if they trade him to someone else.

Why would we trade an asset for a guy that doesn't fit in with the Bombers plans???

Not even our brilliant GM would make that trade. Would he?

Printers is still better than Glenn.

I wouldn't make this trade unless we got Tom Canada.

From the start I have been against this trade. To me, Glen doesn't provide any more for us than Printers. And I've always believed that what the Cats QB's needed was adequate protection. Someone said that Glen gives us what we haven't had since Danny Mac.--- a solid starting QB. The problem with that is....the last year or so that Danny was here he couldn't complete many passes as he was always being pressured. But his only defense was to fire the ball away quickly as he couldn't run and evade the rush like Printers.

Now the only thing that makes me think Obie is so keen on this trade is the idea that perhaps there's a problem with Printers in the locker room. It's been brought up before that perhaps the rest of the team isn't fond of Casey. That's the only reason I can think of for Obie to make this trade.