Report: Stamps' Tre Roberson out for season

TORONTO — Calgary Stampeders’ cornerback Tre Roberson‘s season has apparently come to an early end.

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I'll feel really bad about this... after Saturday.

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Yeah me too. The surgery went well though.

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This is a huge loss for the Stamps, :face_with_peeking_eye: Tre Roberson is an elite defensive back. :star_struck: Next man up Dionte Ruffin is a good secondary replacement and can get the job done. :exclamation:

Dang, this sucks. TR was the elder leader of the DBs, maybe he can do that from the sidelines still….

Big time suckage. We lost All Star DB Brandon Alexander last year and he's STILL on the six game injured list. Our secondary became very beatable early on this season in his absence. The really good guys are hard to replace.

But if you wanna bet on someone to find a talented DB in a pinch, bet on Hufnagel. He's been doing that kind of thing for years. Kyle Walters has been taking 'Hufnagel classes' so he's getting good at finding players under rocks as well.

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At least the Stamps aren't playing a team with a good pass attack this week!

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Yeah... their timing couldn't be better!!! :laughing: