Report: Stampeders sign Begelton to extension

CALGARY — The Calgary Stampeders have signed receiver Reggie Begelton to an extension, according to a report from TSN’s Farhan Lalji. Begelton was set to become a free agent next month.

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Good signing for the Stamps, congratulations

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Yes John Hufnagel keep those extensions coming but also find more talent that can help the Stamps with their recovery!

Agree. Last year the top receiver made $180,000 so this sets the bar for receivers - $197K is good coin. I don't know that the CAP is going up & wonder what's going on with the Stamps. It's not like Hufnagel likes to spend big. How much did he spend on Maier? Is he going to walk from Mitchell if he can't get him to take a hefty cut, with incentives to make more? Mitchell is still an elite QB IMO, but the past couple of seasons there's been arm issues, elbow issues, a broken leg reportedly. His arm issues seemed to be there this year again even with a year off. We'll find out pretty quick if Mitchell's future is in Calgary with the $100K bonus coming up within weeks.

I'm not sure if the $180,000 was prorated for 2021?

Huf didn't need to spend large, as the Stamps were relevant for their past seasons, however with a struggling starting QB, and twice knocked out in the WSF.

Huf may need to open his wallet this year.

Yes it was. 3DownNation posted the top 10 or salaries for each position last year with the prorated $$ in brackets. For Derel Walker it was 180,000 (156,000). But hopefully we are getting in 18 games in 2022 so, for comparison sake Begelton's 167,000 is going to be close to the higher end. (Correction, I guess I quoted 197,000 but the 30,000 signing bonus I believe is included in the 167,000).
For Bomber purposes, things are happening already - Alford & Desjarlais both have a dozen or more NFL tryouts. Usually that means they stick around for awhile. Best case scenario is they might be back in the fall. The price of success. The Begelton contract means Lawler likely gets a good raise. He wasn't top 10 this season. Collaros was @ 410K hard money this year, Adams has signed for 445K & we'll have to see what happens on the Bo & Reilly front. I would guess Collaros would be close to $500K. Both Bo & Reilly are looking @ haircuts, UNLESS they get traded. There's a market for both of them.

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Looks like Arbuckle's deal has been restructured. Things are starting to move fast with February 8 coming up quickly.


Begelton is an all world receiver and one of the best in CFL. He will make every other receiver on the Stamps better.

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