Report: Shiltz to start for Ticats, injured Mitchell on sidelines

Our offense is currently operating at ‘another level’ that I haven’t seen since the Cal Murphy years when Brock and Clements were slinging rocks for us.

In a couple of weeks we’ll be getting the best receiver in the league (who’s NOT already in this country) back from the US. Kenny Lawler is a deep threat that the Cats can certainly afford RIGHT NOW if BLM is on the 6 game IR.

Meanwhile our defense is the most ‘meh’ it’s been since we started this epic Grey Cup run back in 2019. If your GM is any kind of salesman he’ll be trying right now to leverage Lawler away from the Bombers using a combination of draft picks and maybe ONE DEFENSIVE LINEMAN that we can use this season.

Signing a receiver isn’t going to solve QB problems and O line protection problems.

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That’s just ONE guy. Edmonton has a GM who gets rid of his best offensive line talent at the drop of a hat… or draft pick.

Anyway… I don’t understand how some GM’s can get away with just throwing their hands in the air and declaring that things are out of their control when help is one or two well-crafted trades away. In Hamilton’s case there’s a HUGE fricken salary that gets dumped into new talent if someone grows some balls in your front office.

We won a Grey Cup with the most ‘meh’ QB imaginable back in the Cal Murphy era. Sean Salisbury was surrounded by talent and our defense was outstanding that year when we ‘stole’ one from BC. It CAN happen.

I still have confidence in Mitchell and hope that he recovers quickly - but I am also very happy we have Shiltz as a back-up. Can anyone tell me who the back-up would be if Mitchell can’t do it? This doesn’t sound like the Cats have a good back-up plan - if so, why?