Report: Shiltz to start for Ticats, injured Mitchell on sidelines

HAMILTON — Bo Levi Mitchell will not start at quarterback on Friday for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats’ home opener.

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no surprise

I’d suggest that Matthew Shiltz gives the Ticats the best chance to win regardless (injury or no injury). Have to think fans in Hamilton are happy he will be starting?

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Yeah, saw this coming 110 yards away…

Yup! They put all the eggs in the basket to get him and he’s damaged goods. Hamilton has a History of throwing solid Quarterbacks out with the bath water only to have them reach their all star status with other teams. Collaros,Calvio,soon EVANS

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Hoping for the unexpected, that rare occurrence that Shiltz shocks the league and rises to the top. It would certainly look good on him to do so, and really timely for the Tiger-Cats. :ninja: :+1:

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You’re not actually comparing Evans to 2 (1 future) hall of famers and 2 of the best to ever play football are you? If so, maybe go look at some stats.

Something had to be done with Dane. He was not the guy here and he won’t be the guy anywhere else. He’s a decent backup. The end. We need a starter in Hamilton. I don’t mind that we rolled the dice on BLM when the alternative was Dane Evans. To compare to A.C and Zach isn’t accurate (and that’s me being verrrrrrrry polite)

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Looks like Owen will be paying yet another visit to the Ticats this week. Owen Three.
The team is cursed. (But they do have the best all-star Injury List in the league!)

I have no problem seeing Shiltz starting - he was doing a better job of connecting with different receivers when he came into the game on Sunday. I know - garbage time well into the fourth quarter - but Shiltz at this stage of the season has more familiarity with the playbook and receivers and should be motivated to beat his former team.

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IN 1972 the Cats won the Grey Cup with a rookie quarterback in the STEEL city. You don’t need a talented, veteran quarterback to take the prize. HAHA :zap: :zap:

I called it long ago: Bo-Levi would start the season, and after not performing, he would conveniently get “injured”. He no longer has a place on any CFL team. Bye bye.

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I find it strange that the official word is that BLM is injured so he will be replaced by Shiltz however he is dressing as a backup. My question then, is why are the Cats dressing an injured QB?

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Welcome to the forum, Paul.

I was wondering the same thing in the game thread. Do you think Coach O might be playing coy, like Dickenson was about Trevor Harris’s health last week?

they don’t have a talented veteran quarterback.

Hate all you want folks (because it’s just harmless Sports Hate). but BLM is going to have a great season and the Ti-Cats will go far with him. If he is OK, that is. Hopefully it is minor or even a little BS like some have mentioned here.

To his credit, he was actually moving the team well during the first half against the Argos. Those two endzone INTs were disastrous, obviously. But at least he was making reads and hitting targets before those. I still think Shiltz will prove the better option, though.

Don’t count on it.
I have nothing against Shiltz but there is a reason Montreal dumped him.
He is a good 2nd string QB at best.

Don’t let the 13/14 pass completions fool you .
Toronto was way ahead at that time, and were just relaxing.

On the plus side… if BLM winds up on the 6 game IR (I didn’t see him listed ANYWHERE) then his huge salary won’t count against the salary cap. So unless I’m totally out to lunch here the Cats can now afford to bring in some high priced offensive talent elsewhere to make Shiltz more effective.

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Was it the same reason they got rid of Adams Jr?

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Where would they get high priced offensive talent?
Most teams are looking too. In the College draft most teams snapped up O linemen, Ottawa took the top O lineman available.
There are no high priced offensive talent sitting around waiting for a call.
It’s two months until the NFL cuts

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