Report: Schoen, Demski, Bailey absent from Bombers' practice

TORONTO — The Winnipeg Blue Bombers had three important absences from practice at the wide receiver position in advance of their Western Final matchup against the BC Lions on Saturday.

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I’m confident both Demski & Bailey will be good to go… along with Lawler, Woli & Grant our receiving crew will manage… Don’t forget about the big O, Bailey, Demski & Grant all run double duties RB/WR. The bigger concern would be if Collaros starts flat, if so pull him early. Weather wise it might be smarter to start with a rushing beatdown.

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I heard on the radio that Markeith Ambles was taking first team reps at practice today. Maybe he won’t be needed but they are getting him ready just in case at the very least.

If those 3 are out, that definitly makes the task harder.
Lawler will have to earn that $$.
Surely BC is focusing on stopping the run.

Does anyone think the bombets are holding full practices at this stage.
The most they are so long is keeping QBs muscle memory going and reminding O and D lines of blocking schemes and reminding everyone of tendencies of the opposition… Routine stuff and light going over anything special they may or may not have up their sleeve

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I laughed when I read this," pull him early " referring to Collaros the CFL’s greatest quarterback and player. Would the coach even think of pulling him? :grinning:

Have you seen Collaros when he starts flat…3 / 4 turnovers in the first QT. Collaros is the heartbeat of the Bombers, but can become arrhythmic after a break, he’s been there done that.

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True, there have been not so great games by Zach this year, but I’ve never seen a more determined player than that revenge game vs Sask (Banjo Bowl).
Injury is the only way Zach is not the QB, he will not be pulled.


Well if his first 5 passes are picked… But that sure ain’t gonna happen.
Zach will be motivated as hell and spot on so to speak

I think the best way is to not do What henoc said in the Waggle. Let run game be the focus and let Collaros settle in. Dink dunk and wait. Don’t turnover the ball. You will get your shots if you stay with that.

Seams I ruffled some feathers among the Bombers fans… Zach has a history of slow starts after a bye week, I’ve always been a fan of pulling #1 QB for a series of two, give his head a chance to catch-up to the game speed. Dru Brown has been very good / great coming off the bench.

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Zachary won’t be pulled. But both Prokop & Brown will see some game action. Prokop obviously as Sweet Daddy Sneaky plus the odd series and Brown with some game action.

One thing I have noticed in a LOT of prediction takes, it’s all about Vernon Adams Jr. “If the Lions get out to a 14 point lead, Winnipeg can’t run and they will lose”. I would just like to remind people that Dru Brown is not starting and that ZACH COLLAROS, who is healthy unlike last year, will get the start. The Bombers are fully capable of blowing this open through the air. I would prefer they stick to ground and pound but they can take it to the air and be successful there.

I don’t think the Bombers start slow. I know what has happened the past 2 years. They have been competing for longer down the stretch. I think there will be less rust this year. Gonna be a good game.


Whenever I’ve seen Collaros start flat, it has been when he is running for his life. If he gets time, I believe the Bombers might run away with this.

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Welcome to the forum LVL, you might want to create an avatar… green is not a good color / colour for Bombers.

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green is the color


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