REPORT: Robert Edwards

Rumors have it, Montreal released Robert Edwards today.

No longer rumour, it's posted in the Transactions.

Wow...This is a big move

one day you are the toast and the next day you are just toast.

That's pretty surprising. I guess that have full confidence in Payton?

well, they both fumble the same amount, but paytons younger and has alot of fumbles left in his

good one drummer lol

I think it's a mistake by the Als.
Hopefully someone will pick him up, like the Argos who do not have a running game.

100% Right!

If you want, you can even add an adjective before the word "Mistake". An adjective best suiting, would be "HUGE".

But if it came down to a decison of dropping one of the 2 (Edwards or Payton) because of potential salary cap issues, you would drop Payton and keep Edwards?

If memory serves I believe that the limit to when a player can be dropped without paying him his full salary is coming up. So, it may have been a cap based decision that had to be made ASAP.

He does have the genes to succeed...

SO is gonna pick him up?

How is this for my earlier prediciton, Edwards is now with the Argos.
See ya JA.

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"Following Robert Edwards' request, we have granted him his release," Als general manager/head coach Jim Popp said. "We want to thank him for two-and-a-half great years of football and wish him the best of luck with his future."

bye avery...dont let the door hit ya on the way out...ya BUM.

That uck for John Avery. He was one of my favorites...

yea, cuz avery was so good at riding the

avery: 'i should be playing, im the best' day: 'ouch, im injured again...get me the hospital room next to dickenson'

:lol: @ Drummer...

Sounds like a good pick up for Toronto. :wink:

good pickup by the argos.

They should cut Avery and Jamel White, start edwards, and they should force hercule to give up #47 for edwards. Also the Argos need to tell their WRs to stop wearing low digit numbers, so that QB Robert Kent doesn’t have to wear #36 anymore.

Well when he was good I mean lol