Report: Reed to be named Esks' head coach

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thanks for the post

Tillman does like hiring friends huh

Well usually the “best” person for a job is someone who while you might not have to make friends with, it is someone who you think you can work with on a basis that is friendly and cooperative and where you see similarities with. You don’t hire someone who you don’t think you will have a uncooperative relationship with unless you’re a leader who “hires by fear” and I think those sorts of falling by the wayside more and more.

big mistake, imo.

That's what i'm thinking.This guy was never exactly a standout in any position he coached and admitted to costing the Riders the cup because he forgot how to count.But since Tillman knows him, it's his job to lose.IMO they were better off keeping Richie Hall than hiring Reed.

PS. I give him little to no credit for Winnipeg's D this year, I honestly believe they're just THAT good.I could probably coach them to #2 or #1 D :lol:

well, it's early of course and they haven't made it official.

but if it's true.. I'll say this.

looks like the Esks will continue to have problems..

this is not the guy they should hire!

Bad news for the Esks. Unless Tilman knows something we don't.
Time will tell for sure.

Well, I haven’t been a big Reed fan, but his defense was ace this season, and it could also be one of those happy Bellefeuille-type situations where the person in question is a better HC than coordinator. It is another defensive mind, though. Wonder what will happen to Strasser?

I agree with the consensus that I don't think Kavis is ready for a head coaching position. What do you Edmonton guys think?

Well, personally I'm not thrilled about this. Reed must be a heck of a guy, he keeps getting decent coaching jobs when up till last season he showed little success anywhere he's been. I don't think this is a good choice but boy do I hope I'm wrong. I guess we'll see how this plays out.

As for Crandell being OC..... I definitely had higher hopes but at least Strasser's gone. :smiley:

While I don't think I really would like Reed as my HC, I wouldn't have as many problems with Crandell as the OC. I think he has a lot of potential, and that it was his lack of athletic ability, not his football mind, that prevented him from being a stronger QB.

Well, I'm going to take a wait-and-see approach. Tillman's proven that he knows how to build successful teams, so I'll wait.

yea but everyone has their slip ups now and then..

this is the Richie Hall hiring all over again :roll:

....Reed has proved he can be successful in Wpg. building a defence...Taking on the whole team restart in edm. is another matter...He's a good man though...Good luck to him :thup:

I love this move :twisted:

Quote of Kavis Reed's career:
I knew there was 13 men on the field, but there was nothing I could do.

This was a comment about the 2009 Grey Cup FG seen round the world. He wasn't running around and screaming and freaking out at all! He just stood there, knowing he just lost his team the cup.

I mean his job was to be a special teams coach. You call FG block, you send your guys out there. At what point does he decide not to say anything?

Sure you can say I'm holding onto something I should be letting go. But IMO Kavis Reed is incapable of handling anything remotely close to pro-football coaching, in any position or capacity. I wish him all the best.

It’s the responsibility of the players coming on the field to tell the player they are replacing to leave. What would Reed yelling and screaming have changed? Nothing because it was already too late. If he could have done something he would have.

I'd have preferred an offense-grounded mind if a rookie had to be hired - i.e. Dave Dickenson or similar. I'd like to see Maas move into QB coaching next season, with eventually a promotion to OC in a few years if he can make the transition from player to coach. The good news is, the franchise can't go any lower than it has under Maciocia and Hall as HCs and Chaps/Worman/Strasser as OC. Though in credit to Worman, he was stuck with an interfering Maciocia. And despite the number of games we lost, the playcalling at least resulted in 5,000 yard passing seasons and more TDs/running yards for Ray than was witnessed in the Strasser Era.

EDIT: what would have really P'od me though, woulda been if Braley had undergone a change of heart about Wally Buono's job security, and Tillman had gone with his buddy Reed while Buono was waiting for a team to call (we better have been one of the teams making that call with a top offer too).