Report re QBs On Winnipeg Blue Bombers' Negotiation List

There is a very interesting article by Ed Tait in today's edition of The Winnipeg Free Press detailing the quarterbacks on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers' negotiation list. This article is also one of the featured stories today on

(Edited Dec 20/06- The only way to find this article now is to access it from the home page on by pointing the cursor to "News" then clicking "Newsroom" then "Winnipeg" then "Dec 19/06 Bombers Have Their Eyes Peeled For New Prospects")

By the way, Tyler Palko, one of the quarterbacks mentioned in the article, was mentored by Charlie Taaffe at University of Pittsburgh this season.

It sure would be nice to see Steve Milton or Ken Peters do a similar article in The Hamilton Spectator about the quarterbacks on the Ticats' negotation list sometime soon.

The team would never give that info to Kenny boy… it would be a complete waste of time…

A look at the other QBs on the Bomber neg list who are not playing in bowl games, or who have already turned pro:

* Tyler Palko -- The latest in a long line of Pitt QBs on the Bomber list. "I like him. He's tough. He's competitive. He's accurate. He'd be great for up here. This is a Matt Dunigan kinda kid who can run around a bit. He was the guy who, when they were playing Notre Dame a couple of years ago, swore on NBC on a nationally televised game. He's fiery. (Bomber QB coach) Mike Working just went to look at him (in late November)."
* Jerry Babb -- Solid leader and starter at Louisiana-Lafayette who was pointed out to the Bombers by offensive co-ordinator Mike Gibson -- a former member of the Ragin' Cajuns staff. "He's good," said Taman. "He's about 6-2 and a really good athlete, smart with a strong arm. I'd love to get him."
* Craig Ochs -- The ex-University of Montana star is rehabbing a shoulder injury and available after failing to latch on with an NFL team. Could be signed by the Bombers or, depending on his health, scooped up by an NFL team and assigned to NFL Europe.
* Shane Boyd -- Former University of Kentucky starter, currently on the Arizona Cardinals practice roster.
* Lang Campbell -- Ex-William and Mary star who last year won the prestigious Payton Award (given to the most outstanding offensive player in Division 1-AA) and signed last month with the Arena League's Austin Wranglers.
* Rohan Davey -- Big star at LSU who was last with the Arizona Cardinals after three years as the backup to New England Patriot Pro-Bowler Tom Brady. Now with the New York Dragons of the AFL.
* Bryan Randall -- Virginia Tech product is a superb athlete, currently on Tampa Bay's practice roster.
* Gino Guidugli -- Solid passer at University of Cincinnati who bounced around. Was on the Bomber neg list then taken off, but his talent still intrigues the club. "I'm not even sure if he's still playing football," Taman admitted. "He was Cincinnati's all-time leading passer and very accurate. We put him on because he didn't go to the Arena League. I'm not sure if he's going to play anymore, but if he is available we'd be interested."
* Gibran Hamdan -- Big unit at 6-5 who played at Indiana University and has had stints in the NFL with Washington, Seattle and San Fran. The Seahawks have dressed him as their No. 3 pivot occasionally and have looked at him as a wideout.
* Omar Jacobs -- Solid career at Bowling Green, was signed by the Steelers and is currently on the Eagles taxi squad.
* Corey Jenkins -- Spent three years with Miami Dolphins as a linebacker/free safety. The Bombers see him as a Kerry Joseph-type as he played QB at South Carolina.
* Isaiah Stanback -- Dual-threat starter with the University of Washington Huskies who had season-ending foot surgery in October.

Yeah Peters could write about how these future Bengals will soon be playing for trey years or more at the Balsam avenue Bengal bunker :roll: I can't stand the way Peters writes and hope the Spec comes to it's senses and takes him off the Cats and puts him on high school junior volleyball.

Anybody notice Peters resemblance to Red Greens nephew, Harold?

all i can say is its a good thing he's in the print media and not on TV, cuz he sounds like Harry Carey, only more inebriated...

I don't know why all the clubs don't allow this so their fans can watch these players and their development.

Festive versions of "Take Me Oot To Da Bwall Gwame" will be made available shortly... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

As for the neg list, that is usually embargoed/a state secret that teams usually don't circulate too much.

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