Report: QB Taylor Powell to start for Ticats against Argos

HAMILTON — The Tiger-Cats are going with the in-house option at quarterback as they take on the Toronto Argonauts on Friday.

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QB #1 broken, QB #2 broken and facing what looks to be the best team in the league at the moment. Maybe they pull an Ottawa, but what is the likelihood?

Then Ottawa the week after; I’ll upgrade my toss up to an Ottawa win.

I remember last year’s Labour Day game. Both Evans and Shiltz were out and the Argos romped to a 28-8 win, with a pick six picking up the Cat’s points. We’ll probably see the same thing Friday, but don’t count the Cats out yet. We saw what Crum and the Redblacks did to the Bombers. The Cats have heart and defence. If the Argos get overconfident and Powell plays the game of his life we could have another upset. Not probable, but certainly not impossible. Good luck to Powell and the Hamilton fans.


Maybe not THIS game but a game or two from now you’ll know what you’ve got. Hope it’s something special. Better start thinking of catchy tune before he breaks out…

“I’ve got the Powell”

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