Report- Ottawa group narrows new name to 3

2 of the 3 names will allow the ownership group to keep the ‘R’ helmet

Red Raiders or Raiders
Razorback or Razors

When the franchise is awarded possibly around Grey Cup '10. The people who will be voting for the new name will be season ticket holders as of mid CFL season of '11. The ownership group wants a name and logo drawn up for mid 2011.

This report came from Ottawa Citizen sports reporter who was in on the meetings a couple weeks ago.

Narrowed from what?

Well if those are the only 3 choices, narrow it down to 2 already, ditch "capitals" . . .

This is not from the report but my own thinking but if they go with the following -

Red Raiders - They can have a mix Red/Black. Helmet combination of both with bold 'R'.
Raiders - Could use old Rough Rider color scheme. Helmet would be 'R'

Razorback or Razors - any color would work and can use 'R'

Capitals - probably would be totally different color scheme from Ottawa football history. I'm thinking Purple like the Vikings, or navy colors. Or any color scheme that isn't used in football.

I like anything with Razor in it, a British group we like is Razorlight, just a cool name. Sharp. :wink:

Wouldn't mind Raiders (nice solid football name) or Razorbacks. Don't like Red Raiders (too clunky) or Razor (football teams should not be named after men's grooming tools). I'm kind of lukewarm to Capitals. It fits Ottawa, but it's such a cop-out conceptually, and how do you represent it properly on the jersey?

It's colour not color !! :smiley:

Seriously, you raise a somewhat interesting point. What colour is the least used for sports teams' uniforms?

I think it's brown. . . other than the Cleveland Browns of the NFL, and a little bit in some jerseys worn by the Altanta Thrashers of the NHL and the San Diego Padres in baseball, I can't think of any team that uses brown as a colour. . . I stand to be corrected.

CFLmusic is a troll.
he's spent the day trolling on the ticat forum, and now is trolling here.

notice the lack of source or link to this claim of his?

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Those are all ridiculous names and NONE of them will ever be chosen.

And yet didn't see fit to report it FOR the Citizen.

Agreed. I can't stand the Ottawa "Senators" or Washington "Capitals." Such corny names. Red Raiders isn't bad, but I don't know if I'd want to call them the Raiders just because of that awful team south of the border. :lol:

And we certainly wouldn't want to take the chance of damaging their brand. :wink:

I don't like the idea of calling them the Raiders, but it's better than Razorbacks or Razors...

omg, this isnt real.

this CFLmusic guy just made up these names....

there is NO mention of this anywhere on the citizens website.

Red Raiders- could use the old Renegades team colors and logos; Red would be the dominant color instead of Black that the Renegades used.
Razors- no

Raiders or Razorbacks- bring back the Red/Black team colors and the white "R" on the black helmet

Capitals- is cool, it goes along with what Ottawa stands for.

According to the Ottawa Sun, the team will not be back until the 2015 season due to problems with starting stadium construction.

I'm with drummer...provide a link stat, or bugger off...

i knew it wasn't real, didn't even have to read it.

just checked the site and found nothing of the sort.
please post link.

Sorry I was being sarcastic. Trying to prove a point. On most message boards I post on, link are required or the thread is closed/deleted. I hope that happens on here too. If not anyone can spew garbage like I just did or the OP.

Sorry about that.