report: OT Alexandre Gauthier heading to Hamilton

OT Alexandre Gauthier is apparently heading to Hamilton:

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The addition of Murphy and Gauthier to the Ticat O-Line would give Hamilton QB's more time to throw than they've had in years.

Now I'm not so sure Obie is going to use the #1 pick in the draft to pick Simeon Rottier, a can't-miss OT. Could that pick and Hamilton's other first rounder (#3 overall) now be trade bait for help on the D-Line?

This is some pretty big news...

With Rob Murphy and Alexandre Gauthier as our offensive tackles(if rumours come true) we are looking GREAT, maybe one signing on defense(possibly a big name linebacker) and we could be in amazing shape going into this season.

Also we have 2 first round picks and could possibly trade one for an impact D-lineman.

There is no question this 09 Tiger-Cats is beginning to look like a contender. We are a couple signings and a trade(or 2) away from becoming playoff contenders.

That would be incredible, and would definetely be the end of Casey Printers reign. We would still be wise to draft Rottier first overall, as Gauthier is 33, and is going to need to be replaced sometime in the next 5 years, and Rottier could do well to learn from 2 of the best. Or if we don’t sign Gauthier we have an incredibly talented, young offensive tackle.

Why are you projecting the end of the Casey Printers reign? Am I missing something here. I like Porters chances ... but ... I liked Charlton Keiths chances too.

I think what he means is....... we need the money we're paying Casey to pay for this and possible future signings.

If Lumsden can confirm this he would be wise to go to lunch with Obilovich...

Bummer fans see Gauthier as the key to their entire line. IF he comes here Gauthier will suddenly become, over-rated, over-paid, no big deal etc

Or maybe Kelly's honeymoon will come to a screeching halt?

Nobody is asking the obvious question - why is he leaving Winnipeg? Is he injured? Does he have a LARGE spleen?
Comon guys - get with the Program. Would you guys trust the Peg braintrusts like you trusted the Canada trade?
Call me a skeptic, but I'll wait till he passes the physical first, before selling my farm...

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....We have just signed a kid by the name of Sleightholm...a young Canadian who impressed the Bombers last year but wanted to go back and finish his University courses...He's 6'7' and full of potential.....adios Gauthier...who will be a good addition to the Cats... :wink:

He is leaving because A he feels he is worth more money and B to be closer to his Montreal home.

and did you ever think that the obvious answer to that obvious question could simply be because were willing to pay him more than the peg is?

Two weeks ago the Toronto papers were saying that Gauthier was about to sign with the Argos. Don't count your chickens before they've hatched.

An Argo-Cat fan

Printers time here does not justify a reign

barneyfife1 wrote:

Two weeks ago the Toronto papers were saying that Gauthier was about to sign with the Argos. Don't count your chickens before they've hatched.
It would be surprising and expensive for the Ticats to dip into the free agent market to sign two starting left offensive tackles (Murphy [i]and[/i] Gauthier). Both players want to move east but the Alouettes already have a good young Canadian left offensive tackle in Josh Bourke so, unless Murphy or Gauthier moves to right offensive tackle, it would make sense if one of them signs with the Ticats and the other one signs with the Argos.

I would not be surprised if Rottier has been signed by an NFL team as a free agent prior to the CFL draft. He may be available later on.