Report: Ontario to increase capacity

Announcement expected at 2:30 pm est today

Ontario to increase capacity at Rogers Centre for Blue Jays games to 30,000: sources |

Outdoor venues will be 75% of pre covid levels up to the maximum of 30,000.

I don't think this will affect the Argos since they don't use the upper east stands and they're already at 75%. Hamilton should be between 16-17K now and Ottawa about 18K

What is Grey Cup Capacity supposed to be at?

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If they install the temporary seats the capacity would increase to 34,000 which would mean they can allow 25,000 for the Grey Cup.
But THF could accommodate 25k with some standing room, it's been done before and no need to have the temporary stands.


Nice to know that the Blue Jays are allowed to have more fans and the CFL isn't.


Here in Vancouver, the Lions are restricted to 12,500 fans which meant that the club was able to hang the SOLD OUT sign on tonight's tilt vs. the Riders this past Monday. There is a decent buzz for this game as sideline tickets are going for nearly $300 on Stubhub.

This is the first time in a long time that the Lions have been a "hot" ticket but yea, that's a very low bar. Hopefully, this is a building block for the franchise. Baby steps.


But the CFL is. The Ticats can go from 15k to 18k, Argos similar (won't matter they can't get 10k.)

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Splitting hairs.

Tell that to the owners of the teams.
By your logic we should allow 30,000 people into a movie theatre because they're allowed in Rogers Centre?

Yes, I seriously think they should look at moving the argos out to Oakville or Mississauga, The .’ Oakville argos ‘ , Or the Mississauga Argo. ? Maybe one of these outside suburbs would have more incentive to support the game,.