Report on KK?

As everyone knows KK went down with and injury Friday vs. the Argonauts but I never did hear what happened to him. From what I saw on the replay was he got pushed by O'shea (which was a late hit by the way) and his ribs landed on somebody's helmet. I am just wondering if anyone has heard of what the injury is and where he is right now in terms of coming back.

I heard it was a Hip Pointer, not sure if it is true or not.

I dont expect him to play... they are very very painfull and I think will limit his side to side mobility.....thats like taking a cheetah and cutting off one of his legs lol

Was that a clean hit Dentor??

:roll: Hank go back to writing in your BooHoo Column in the Peg section :lol:

Posted today on the Riders website: Keith will not make the trip to Vancouver, and Dorsey will apparently be in returning kicks.

All because of O’Shea, the Guy doesnt have the skill to to go one on one …so he resorts to intentional cheapshot hits outta bounds, at least Eiben has skill.

He didn't look up to par vs Montreal. Maybe he should sit out the trip to Edmonton to get him ready for Calgary. Dorsey got the job done fine vs BC, I say we give the kid a chance @ Edmonton.

KK did fine against Mtl I think, he only got the ball handed off maybe 7 times. He averaged a little over 5 yards, not terrible, but below his average.