Report of Austin taken to hospital

Drew Edwards is reporting that Kent Austin was taken to hospital but to be released later this evening. No further info available. Hopefully nothing serious.

All the best to the Coach.

Can't think of anyway that this can be good news for Kent, or for the team.

Unless it is a "warning" to slow down and share responsibility. Or maybe that should be a "listened to warning"?

All the best to the coach!

allergic reaction nothing to be worried long term about :rockin:

Take care of yourself, Coach Austin. As has been said on this site many times, “In Kent we trust.”

Pat Lynch(the old guy who knows General Hospital like the back of his hand)

If it was an allergic reaction, then this bears further investigation: :wink:

A BLUE DONUT ??????? YUUUUUUCK !!!!!!! I HEAR THEY SUUUUUCK !!!!!! :lol: :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted:


all the best indeed.. he probably had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the hospital lol

All there best wishes to you Coach Austin on your health, take care!!

Go Cats Go!!

And all the best to Coach Austin from another long-time Ticat fan.

Seems he's a real nice guy too. My brother-in-law took my nephew to a football camp and Austin was there with his son. His son is a receiver and Kent was there just to watch his son and not as any type of coach or to give advice. My nephew is a QB and both kids are around 12. They didn't talk CFL at all just about life in Canada and parent stuff.
As fans we only see the intense animated side of coaches on TV or watching from the stands. We forget the human side. that level the children should also be still focusing on having fun.