Report: O'Connor to start for Stamps on Friday

TSN’s Farhan Lalji is reporting that Michael O’Connor could be starting for the Calgary Stampeders this week.

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Can’t be any worse than Mitchell 5 pics . Stamps without a win it looks good on them

Hahahaha, I agree. Go Elks :green_heart::yellow_heart:

Looks like I'll be changing my pick em then lol

The Riders are guaranteeing a win over Ottawa.
Maybe the ALS should be doing the guarantee win over the Stamps

Ha! HA! Look at your Elks performance lately !

Never guarantee anything. It has a habit of biting you in the South end as you head North.

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The Riders are not guaranteeing anything. Apparently some noodle on the radio broadcast shot his mouth off. Although in fairness to him I still haven't actually heard the quote.

You're also 0-2 buddy :man_facepalming:t2:

I'm sure all of Bo Levi's tsn cheer team will be lined up at his bedside with fruit baskets.

[quote="mikem, post:5, topic:72426"]

The Riders are guaranteeing a win over Ottawa.
Maybe the ALS should be doing the guarantee win over the Stamps

[/quote]The Riders have not guaranteed a win against anybody. Don't make things up and post them.

You posted that you agree that the 0-2 on the Stamps looks good! All I did was post that your team wasn't any better at 0-2. The point I was making is "When you live in a glass house best not to throw stones!"
Stamps aren't at their normal best right now but all teams have setbacks now & then. Setbacks are Temporary ! :grinning:

Oh I didn't mean to sound like that. Just agreed that it's nice to see your boys 0-2..for once haha. We're even worse right now so ya lol :sob::sweat_smile:

Giving him fruit baskets eh? Nudge, nudge... Giving him fruit baskets? Nudge, nudge... say no more! Say NO more! Eh? Nod's as good as a wink!

I believe under Huff and Dickenson this guy at 6’5”will breakout into a Canadian QB star.

I hope Michael O'Connor is well prepared for Friday's huge game in Week 3

. The Als always seem to play well versus the Stamps. It would be nice to see a complete sell-out at McMahon Stadium, the Alberta teams have had very poor attendance for their first two games ? Best of luck to the highly skilled Canadian pivot and stay healthy for the whole game ! :star_struck: :football: :canada:

Won't be anywhere near a sell out, likely around 21k.
Fans reluctant to attend games right now, the team not playing very well and the Als wouldn't be a draw compared to the Elk or Riders visiting.