Report - NHL Canucks front runner to purchase B.C Lions

Its being reported that the Canucks ownership group are wanting to purchase the B.C Lions. Likely deal can might get done over the winter which would be great for the Lions.

Where has it been reported?

Hope it's true.

It's been reported that Braley wants 40 million and they the potential owners are willing to pay 20 million .

When Braley leaves the CFL he will be missed he had a lot of clout and well healed at a possible Net of 1.4 Billion .

He was a friend to the CFL in so many ways . Sorry to hear he was too ill to watch any games . He has come a long way from going to games at Civic stadium as a kid .

The Canucks if they buy it will be a welcome new owner and a testament to Braley as he would have left both his teams in good hands .


Yup I saw that report during the pregame - that Braley was asking $40 million but had recently dropped his asking price to $35 million - but that so far none of the four interested parties were willing to go above $20 million.

The longer Braley hangs on to them - the lower the value it appears - much like what happened with the Argos.

Hopefully they are sold early in this off season to give new owners a decent chance to make some moves on the business side to improve things for next season.

Does anyone know who the other 2 groups are and if they are local?

Canucks being one and I beleive they will have the backing from Toronto and Calgary being NHL brethren. I can see Ottawa supporting then too.

Dennis Skulsky has a group interested, but seeing how far the off field of the club has fallen under his watch, I don't have as much confidence in them.

If I'm the Canucks, I'll wait Braley out. He's not getting any younger and attendance keeps falling. Much like Toronto, the value will drop. As long as the league doesn't award any more Grey Cups to Vancouver and things continue to decline, he will start losing money and then it talks.

I wonder if anyone heard the Copland interview where he said that the Argos support staff was down to 12 people before they were sold and now they have 35.

It sort of sounds like Braley is doing the same thing with the Lions, cutting spending at every corner so he can save as much money as possible before selling.

Braley did good for the league, but he was also rewarded with a few Grey Cups that in most cases, made him good gobs of money.

I dont follow hockey that closely, but do the Canucks ownership seem to be one that would be a good fit for the CFL?

You ruthless, b******. :wink:

Sometimes it can be about really not wanting to sell, like a son or daughter telling his 85 year old single parent they should sell the house and move into an apartment before it becomes more difficult with health issues and the parent who wants to stay in the house until they die but agrees with their kids, well agrees on the surface, ok I'll sell but damn if someone wants my house they are going to darn well pay plenty - "this is my house and I want to die in my house!"

I've met some of these oldtimers who are just very passionate about their house because it's their home sort of thing and I think I might just be same one day. Don't know.

Yeah, I'm mean :slight_smile:

I guess it stems from that Braley could have sold off the Argos a year earlier and got too greedy. That delay, along with him chopping off all resources caused the ST base as small as it was to plunge further, giving Tannen-Bell a much deeper hole to dig out of.

As good as Mr. Braley has been to the league, if he's no longer interested or capable to run the club he needs to sell - yesterday.

Braley needs to do the right thing and take the $20M, it's not like he needs the money.

There is another ownership group apparently from Seattle, WA.

The Canucks ownership is rumored to be wanting to build a Lions/Canucks practice/team facility. I would think that they would be the favorites to buy the team.

$35m is nothing for an organization that is at least making money and can nearly profit every year which they are rumored to be.

Few yrs ago reports Braley made $10m which I think can be repeated again with better ownership.

It was Gary Lawless over the weekend on the TSN pregame mentioned there are 4 potential buyers in Vancouver, with the owner of the Canucks reportedly only willing to pay $25M and not $20M as some of you are stating.
So maybe they split the difference at around $32.5M, that’s a bargain.

Amen, brother.

Braley in no rush to sell Lions

[url=] ... m-1.618387[/url]
BC Lions owner David Braley will talk to prosective buyers over the offseason, but is in no rush to sell the team. Braley told TSN's Gary Lawless he will speak to potential buyers for the CFL club, but isn't necessarily going to sell the team. "I'm in no rush. If I sell, I sell," Braley told Lawless

Of course he will say that.

The Canuck group owning the Lions is in everyone's best interest. Let's hope it gets done.

I dont know if the Canuck ownership is a prefered choice by the fans because they have meddled in to much of the Canunks team.

There are some local interests that would be much more preferred. David Sidoo, former CFL player name has been mentioned quite abit and probably would be much better for the team and the CFL as he has very strong ties to Vancouver.

There are apparently 4 people/groups lining up to buy the Lions, 2 of which have been named as the Aquillini's and David Sidoo. I would love to know who the others 2 people/groups are, but as far as the previously mentioned I would prefer David Sidoo not the Aquillini's. If anyone knows who the other people/groups are please enlighten us!

Fair enough. I just want someone with deep pockets.

It does sound like it makes sense to combine sports operations with the Canucks, but I'm not sure how well it's worked out in Calgary. It seems like support has slowly but constantly slipped since the Flames bought the Stamps, despite having a perennial contender on the field. Bell and Tanenbaum's first season leading the Argos has been a disappointment on the field and in the stands. We'll have to see how they learn and rebound over the next several seasons. OSEG, on the other hand, has done well combining operation of the Redblacks, 67s, and Fury.