Report: Mr. Braley asking $40 million for B.C. Lions.

Braley recently stepped up negotiations to sell his Toronto Argonauts to Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, sparking speculation that the same was about to happen with his B.C. Lions.

When asked what price he would put on the Lions franchise, Braley answered with the question: “What would you pay for it??

He rolled his eyes when the number $25 million was volleyed back to him. “Not even close,? he said.

The one-on-one conversation took place Wednesday morning in the Emerald Room of the Fairmont Pacific Rim during a break in the unveiling of the Grey Cup Festival Nov. 26-30 in Vancouver.

“With the new TSN television contract in place for five years and new stadiums in Hamilton and Ottawa, the league is as stable as it’s ever been,? Braley said, “I’d be inclined to think in terms of $40 million.?

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$40 million for the Lions is probably the median value of CFL frachises today. The Riders (who generate double the revenue of the Lions) and Esks are likely worth more...while the Argos and Ticats are worth less, but are not worthless. This is evident by MLSE and Tannenbaum's interest in purchasing the Argos and moving them to BMO. They know the team has a big upside with the right operator.

With the dramatic increase TV revenues this season, all 9 CFL teams should be profitable. With year after year of steady growth, tremendous TV ratings and strict cost controls, CFL franchises are becoming a hot ticket! :thup:

Thats quite a turn around from when The Brick's Bill Comrie bought the Lions for $1.00 and assumed the debt in the 90's.

That’s funny, I was thinking much the same thing when I heard this story. How David Braley saved the Lions from bankruptcy and pumped $20 million into the team before turning the franchise around. Edmonton’s Bill Comrie also stepped up in the Lions darkest hour…when no local billionaire would, to keep the Lions in business. Under Braley’s and Bobby Ackles tutelage, by the mid-2000’s the Lions had become a profitable enterprise. The franchise has continued to grow, generating new revenue streams and solidifying their position in the community. The lucrative Grey Cups have been a bonus and Mr. Braley has had his share. So he’s probably been paid back and more for his Lions’ investment and with a nice retirement nest egg coming upon the sale of the team. :thup:

Braley’s Hamilton and Toronto investments probably haven’t been as fruitful, although GC100 was a tremendous success. It was probably the biggest and best Grey Cup Festival in history! Keeping his hometown Ticats afloat was probably reward enough, after all he is a season ticket holder and loves going to the games!

Hopefully an enterprising party will step up and buy the Argos soon. While the franchise seems moribund now, the team has excellent potential to thrive under the right guidance and connections…with an exponential increase in franchise value in the offing!

....Calling Canucks Sports and Entertainment.

I hope he gets $40 million for them, he deserves it. That could make up for his losses with the Argos.

If indeed Canucks Sports and Etertainment do purchase the Lions all the things that are not getting done promotion wise will get done. Like Calgary LLP buying majority share of the Stamps and have other franchises in other sports seems to be working. OHL and NLL franchises as well.

For the Canucks S&E from what I have been reading in the media they are definietly looking to expand their sports enterprises. The NHL and CFL seems to be a great marriage with the league operating in alomost completley different seasons.
On a side note Canucks S&E chairman also has an interest in an expansion USL Pro Soccer franchise to be the White Caps minor league affiliate.

We will have to see if the Canucks are even intersted. If so it would be great for all involved IMHO

Amazing to see that the value of this franchise is that high now. Considering mr.braley has done hardly any work to grow the grassroot sport of football in b.c. Or even promote b.c. Lion football in b.c.Braley gets a $500 million state of the art renovated stadium donated to him for his football team and it feels like b.c is getting the grey cup every second year now. Braley has got to be loving life doing no work and collecting free money from people into his wallet.
Would have been a nice gesture by him if he actually put a little of that money back to the cfl! Considering he got $10 million or so for the 100th grey cup would have been nice to see the Argos practice out of a normal practice facility.

There are all sorts of individuals and corporations and educational facilities in Toronto that could have provided and developed some practice facilities for the Argos and gridiron. Why should that be left to someone who isn't even from Toronto and who doesn't live there?

Why not if this guy wants to take all that grey cup money and pocket it for himself the least he could do is get them a practice facility. I know for one thing if it was me I would be doing that in a hear beat. If Braley even sat down and thought about it for a second long term it would be better for his pocket book. When the Argos switch practice facilities each day from every high school it looks very amateur and hurts the perception of the Argos in toronto.

I doubt anyone but diehard Argo fans pay any attention to where they practice.

The Lions have a lot of assets.
Head office and practice facilities in Surrey. Lots of real estate value there. I believe they own an apartment building nearby but I could be wrong there.
Lease in place and anchor tenancy in a world class facility.

I have no idea what that lease entails or how the millions in beer and concession monies per game are divvied up. Anyone know?


I'll have you know that Braley pays between $1-$1.3 million per season in facility/royalty fees to BC Pavilion Corp. (PavCo), which is the publicly owned management company for BC Place.
(not including approx. $150,000 or so for each playoff game)

these received "donations" certainly carve a dent in profit margins..

Yes I can see the Canucks being interested with all of that already in place.
A team owning an Apt building also probably good for new players as they have reasonble housing costs Im sure

How DARE you let facts, get in the way of a good rant??

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That would be the starting point in the negotiations to sell.
Agreed how the Riders are possibly worth in the $75M range.

If its that easy I’m sure you’ve done it too, right? Obviously if Braley’s been able to achieve his unbelievable success in life (with zero effort, stupidity, and that dumb ass Rudge dragging him down), I can’t even start to imagine how successful you’ve become with your vast knowledge and outstanding work ethic.

1991, I think it’s time this board (finally) gives you the respect you deserve… so, why don’t you list a few of your many, many accomplishments here (in this thread). I’m sure you’ve been an unbelievable success - after all, you’d have to be a pretty pathetic loser if you weren’t.

1991argo wrote: When the Argos switch practice facilities each day from every high school it looks very amateur and hurts the perception of the Argos in toronto.
So were the Leafs amateur and was their perception hurt when they were practising out of community rinks before they got their own? And they had the money to build their own arena years, decades before they did. You are so out to lunch it's not funny. Where do the Raptors practice out of? No idea but it looks like any ordinary high school or community college gym to me when I see it on Sportscentre. And amateur, BTW, is not a dirty word in my books and actually is much classier in many respects than people paid to play a sport.

1991argo's relentless criticism of David Braley is often unfounded, but I'm with him on this one. As far as the Argos' practice facility is concerned, it's pure amateur hour. Weren't they changing in portables until they burned down? It can't be lost either on the media that covers the team; a group whose collective perception of the club and the league at the best of times is that it's second-rate.

Shouldn't the league's oldest team in the league's biggest city not at least have its own compound - with practice fields, offices, proper locker rooms, weight rooms, whirlpools, a sauna etc.? Is that too much to expect when you come to a league which is now pulling in $40MM annually in TV revenue alone?

Next to finding a new home, I'd put this one on the top of things to get done in the next 5 years.

I'm not saying the Argos don't need excellent practice facilities not at all, they do need a modern practice facility and yes, it needs to get done. But come on, the Leafs were practising where house league teams in pee wee were playing out of and no one mentioned them as practising in amateur facilities.

Look, Braley bought the Argos as a bridge to get them into some new ownership. He did not want to buy the Argos IMHO but wanted to seem them do the 100th Grey Cup and then move on since C & S couldn't do the job.

The Argos are a work in progress and there is still work to be done of course. The worst thing was the idea that Rogers Corporation would look after them in the Rogers Centre. No. Once Rogers bought the Blue Jays, the writing was on the wall for the Argos and the Rogers Centre but things don't happen overnight, Rome wasn't built in a day. Finding the ownership the CFL wants for the Argos in Toronto is no easy task, of course. There was and remains a lot of corporate power in Toronto to see the Argos dead so that Toronto could have an NFL team. Well that theory didn't exactly pan out for the corporations in Toronto that wanted to see that. People don't get that many powerful and influential people in Toronto wanted to see, some may still want to see, the Argos gonzo. What other city in Canada wants to see their Canadian Football League team dead? None that I know of.


Well DUH!!!! Because he OWNS the team, that's why. The Argos are a privately owned business. Why should other "individuals, corporations or educational facilities" provide support to a privately owned business?