Report: MOSTP Javon Leake to sign with Elks

TORONTO — One of the most dynamic weapons in the CFL might have found a new home.

Most Outstanding Special Teams Player Javon Leake has agreed in principle to a one-year deal with the Edmonton Elks, according to a report by Dan Ralph of the Canadian Press.

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Would be nice but I learned not to celebrate until all the I’s are dotted and the T’s crossed…

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They got it done. I kind of like Alexander who is track meet fast. Will they keep both & how do they use them?


I won’t even make a guess as to whats in the Coaches mind on that…somehow he see a set of skills and puts guys in places you wouldn’t think they fit, and they do fit.

I know we need a Halfback to replace Gainey but past that…its just guessing.

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Also not just any coach on Leake here - now assistant general manager Geroy Simon!

Teams are wise to put at least one of these versatile and fast guys, who have hands solid enough to return kicks and to hold onto the ball on returns, and as we have seen are inserted into the offence for various sets so as to make defences account for them whether or not they get the ball.


I’ll iterate a past comment. What about Deonte Alexander, who returned a kick back for a TD last year? Grymes mentioned post season he’s the fastest guy in the room - ran track in college. Listed as a WR & I’d like to see the team keep him around as well. I’m quite interested to see what they have this year as a lot of players that were in their 1st & 2nd roundup are coming back.

Still some good DB’s kicking around. My biggest question re: the Elks is AC. Would like to see them bring him back. :grinning: Lots to be excited about for Elk fans IMO.


So, put both Alexander and Leake back to receive kickoffs?

Sort of a second year guy this year but I think that’s part of what they are looking for maybe is a track meet at Wide receiver…