Report: Mitchell, Shiltz split reps at Ticats' practice

HAMILTON — Bo Levi Mitchell could be close to a return to action, per a report from TSN’s Dave Naylor.

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I am a Ticat fan who was really looking forward to seeing MItchell having a great year with Hamilton - I hope he still can. But let’s put our cards on the table - he owes the fans a good performance over the remainder of this year. He has a decent team to lead - if he can pull things together - who knows who might win the Grey Cup? Just hoping a wishing!


It’s an error to switch to the old-timers Mitchell and Shiltz. Powell led the team to the playoffs and should remain the chief Hamilton quarterback over the rest of this season. For example, Shiltz did nothing in the second half of the game against Calgary which in most cases would have meant a loss. While, with Powell as the team leader the Cats downed the Lions and the Bombers. The Cats are forewarned: too many cooks can ruin the stew. :chess_pawn:


Go Bo :+1::+1: cheering for you from last place cowtown


This is a tuff one. Lions had the same problem years ago when the stater came back for the playoffs and Walley made the change from the back up who got us there back to the starter. It didn’t work out that well but at least the Cats have a few games still to decide.

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Fortunately the Cats have a bit of time on their side to get their QB situation clarified (hopefully). I don’t like the switching back and forth between QBs, but he Cats have done a lot of that over the past number of years - Steinhauer has to be a master at this by now. The thing is, Bo still has the best skill set of the bunch and he has experience - he deserves a chance to show why the Ticats signed him. Hamilton is fortunate to have two very good back-ups - Powell and Shiltz. Powell did perform well when he was needed, but so has Shiltz. This is a problem that other teams wished they had. Oskee-Wee-Wee!


Don’t like this move.
If it wasn’t for the big cost/reputation of Mitchell? He would be third on the depth chart, surely.
He has stunk this season with a terrible 52.7 efficiency rating in 97 attempts.
And, though I like Shiltz, he is injury prone.
Finally, Powell has been at the helm as the Ti-Cats turned their season around. Whilst posting a solid 93.9 efficiency rating. But just one, bad quarter and they sit him? Seems a bit harsh.
The only bright side is the Ti-Cats have clinched a playoff spot (largely thanks to Powell). So, they have 3 games to sort out the QB spot.
Personally? I think Mitchell is toast (i.e. burned out).
Fortunately, they have two, solid backup’s for the playoffs.

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Mitchell will have to retire sooner than later. His body just can’t take the hits anymore, so it will ultimately decide for him whether he likes it or not. Shiltz is a fine QB, but not the future. Powell deserves his chance at No. 1 and if he doesn’t get it in Hamilton, he most likely will somewhere else. Maybe somewhere out West…in southern Alberta, perhaps.

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To Sundown - thanks I found the Forums link. Unfortunately there is no more info on Bo’s condition. Hopefully he can play soon. It would make for great drama if he could come back.

I agree with you Sundown. I think Powell earned the right to continue until he proves otherwise, (loss or performance). The same happened in Montreal. The team rallied around Caleb Evans and they were doing great. I’m not a Fajardo fan to begin with but as soon as he returns from the injury, they start him and he promptly loses. Holds onto the ball too long and doesn’t make good reads. Evans should have been in the drivers seat until he lost or his performance isn’t what it should be. I realize the starters have big money tied up, but if the second or third string quarterbacks are winning, then ride the hot hand. I feel they’ve earned it through practice and rep time. If they’re doing a good job that should be their reward.

You have to give Bo the chance to prove himself. His post-season experience can not be dismissed. The Ti-cats have their playoff ticket stamped and they have the luxury of still having a few games left to get this figured out. But you HAVE to give Bo a chance. This is why they brought him here.


What will BLM do first get sacked or throw an interception

Bo - Have your best game of the season v. Sask! All we in Calgary want is to see you playing in top form again. Go Cats Go!

Hope the tsn crew aren’t overly sickening about this although I doubt it.

[quote=“qframer, post:14, topic:88672”]

Bo - Have your best game of the season v. Sask! All we in Calgary want is to see you playing in top form again. Go Cats Go!

[/quoteYour playoff hopes are slim and none, and slim's bags are packed.
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odds are that he throws an int before he gets injured again.

sad to see, he was once good, but now clearly 3rd string.

I hope that Mitchell still has some gas left in his tank - he should! To respond to some of the previous comments - this has nothing to do with who you think has earned the right to start - it has everything to do with who the coaching staff thinks has the best chance to win now and to carry the team through the playoffs. If they didn’t give Mitchell the opportunity now - then when? The next couple of games is the ideal time to play him, without any danger of losing ground in the standings BUT gives him time to get into the right mental frame of mind. He is their ticket to the Grey Cup “IF” he can deliver. This is a good move by Steinhauer.

He’s listed as the starter versus the Riders .