Report: Matthew Shiltz to sign with Stampeders

Well - I am guessing that if he has the skills, he now has a mentor and coach to teach him.

That’s fair. But he had Milanovich to learn from in Hamilton and it doesn’t seem to have panned out. We shall see. Maybe Shiltz is just a late bloomer. It seems like lots of QBs take quite a while to realize that the film work and preparation side of the game is every bit as important as talent and accuracy. Even Vernon Adams admits he didn’t start to pay attention to those details until he was with Trevor Harris in Montreal, and then obviously in BC with Maksymic.

That college mentality of “I’m the best player on the field so I’m just going to wing it” can persist at the pro level for QBs, I suppose. Anyhow, good luck to Shiltz. Seems like a likeable person.

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