Report: Matthew Shiltz to sign with Stampeders

TORONTO — The Calgary Stampeders might be looking to add another weapon to their quarterback room.

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Not surprised, the Tiger-Cat management has mastered the art of giving away the best quarterbacks, Adams to the BC Lions, and Collaros to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers are notable examples.

I believe SSK had Collaros last and MTL had VAJr last


He’ll probably get a lot of playing time considering that Maier isn’t exactly what you would call even remotely close to an A-lister at QB . in fact I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see Shiltz take over at number #1 sometime in the season after Maier totally craps the bed .


Yes, it was a circuitous route, Grover, but stings nevertheless.


Yeah, Shitz might not be a bad signing. About time he stopped wasting away in the east.

Anything’s better than Jakey McDonald’s

I believe you are quite wrong. I also believe you know nothing of the history as to why other teams had Coleros and were not dressing him to play. But yes the riders had Coleros . He got injured by a hard hit 12 seconds into game one with a nasty concussion and the League was in the middle of getting concussions sorted out on the legal end with huge worry about players suing the leagues in the NFL and cfl…as well as the medical end. Two teams i believe who never played him euther got Zach before the Bombers traded for him at the last 4 games of the season and only because they had QB Injuries of their own and needed him. Zach got to play and the rest is history.

That’s unnecessarily harsh.

You are correct, thankyou for your courteous response :scream:

TOR actually had Collaros last after SSK
(he was traded twice that year SSK to TOR to WPG)


I admit it was not courteous. Sorry about the tone. But between thepost you commented on was rather facetious in its rright and that was where ire was directed. Again sorry to direct it at your post
Also to be honest the other poster has his fair share of harshness in posts also.

There was nothing between the lines
I have and always have had the greatest and utmost respect for Zach Collaros


I edited my post . I was reading your post incorrectly and was actually commenting on the post you commented on
Sorry for doing this


No probs, thanks for getting back


Kumbaya, Well done guys.

All is good again between Hamilton Ti-Cats and Saskatchewan Roughriders…that is of course until they meet in the 2024 Grey Cup. :upside_down_face:

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Our fan bases just elected you god for one season.
Just a football god, not God himself.

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I hear you get a box seat with your own cheering section like Travis - with Statler & Waldorf.

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The job does have perks

I think Schiltz is likely much better suited to Calgary’s style of offence. All you have to be is quick and accurate getting the ball out.

Maier is still a good QB, he just couldn’t get the ball out quick enough in that offence.

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I would venture to disagree. Part of getting the ball out quickly in a timing offence involves reading the play effectively pre-snap so you know where you’re going and you can throw the ball with authority. If you aren’t getting the ball out quickly, you are being confused by the defensive fronts and looks you’re seeing before the ball is snapped.

Also, Milanovich is a timing offence guy too. He and Dickenson both learned from the coaches who popularized that style, Hufnagel and Trestman.

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