Report: Masoli to start for Ticats in Week 1

HAMILTON — Jeremiah Masoli is the guy for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.

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Good call coach. JM’s team out of the gate. Evans in the wing. I only wish my team had this one- two punch at QB.

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Bad call. Evans is the future, Masoli is the past. Evans is accurate and smart, while Masoli is short and inaccurate.

Apparently you were not watching. :roll_eyes:


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Here is how Coach O handled it

Inside the Hamilton Tiger-Cats headquarters at Tim Hortons Field, Steinauer, Masoli, Evans and offensive coordinator Tommy Condell came together.

“No broken telephone: called them right in, manned up and we talked about it. I definitely offered them if they wanted to talk to me or Tommy individually, but they know they can do that anyway. That’s how it was handled from the inside out,” Steinauer said.

“Jeremiah was somber and I’m sure Dane inside was probably burning, it would’ve been the same if it was reversed. I don’t mean burning mad, just they both wanted it, they didn’t come to camp to not start — and I love that about them.”

Hamilton’s football staff was adamant that money, age, resume or experience wasn’t going to decide the No. 1 QB spot. It was based on “consistent evaluation” throughout camp.

“They to a man weren’t sure who we were going to pick, and I don’t think the football team had a clue either. They actually said they were interested to see which way we were going to go. I do think it’s going to take both of them to get the goal that we all want done,” Steinauer said.

“The only reason a decision’s been made is just for that key word, a decision had to be made. I’m very comfortable with both quarterbacks. A decision had to be made, we all knew that and we decided on Jeremiah.”

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I agree 100% with coach Steinauer's selection. Let's not forget Dane Evans was coming off his worst performance in the 2019 Grey Cup game ! Masoli deserves to be starter, if his play dictates change or if he is injured then Dane can play quarterback. :100: :football: :canada:

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Masoli is the veteran and deserves to start, he plays until or if he falters or injured.

I figured Masoli being the Franchise QB would start ! Not taking away from Evans, but because Masoli history gives him a bit of an advantage. However, because Masoli is scheduled to start against Winnipeg, there is nothing to say that Evans doesn't get the nod during that game or future games. It's Masoli's spot to lose, and Steinauer to make that call. I think the pressure is all on Masoli. Good luck to both.

I don't like the decision, I think Masoli should take a back seat to see what Evans can do. Masoli had 9 TD's and 7 Int's, he always seems to make some bad decisions with the bad at the wrong times. Evans 21 TD's and 13 Int's

The coaches don't make the decision on a players stats or resume, they make the decision on what they see in camp/practice.

I agree, they have to look at practice, but they need to also look at game film. Even Masoli's best year he through 28 TD's, but 18 INT's. I think they are both good QB's, I just think with everything that Dane did in 2019, he deserves to start.

It's a good problem to have

Steinauer calls Masoli, I'm good with that.

Are you still good with it? He can be a superstar in practice, but you don't get wins in practice. He makes bad decisions in games. I think Masoli is one of the most over rated players in the CFL and I am a TiCat fan. He had some dropped balls yesterday, but he also had bad throws that were caught and he missed a couple screens, a wide open slant. I just hope we don't lose too many games before the coach changes his decision.

You seem to making the assumption Evans would have done better, speculation at the best, lots of rust to shake off for all. I am surprised Steinauer didn't try Evans though, I would have.

I am speculating that he wouldn't have done worse. Masoli just throws more INT's. I was also hoping that they would put Evans in to try, but I think they did not want to spark a QB controversy in the first game if Evans did well. This is going to be an interesting topic over the next few weeks. I like the way the commentators kept saying "this is not the offense we saw down the stretch" for 2019, but did not point out that Evans was at QB. Very subtle.

Masoli's record for his first few games last season was pretty darn good too, & I always have detested the fact that a starter can lose his job because of injury. I do recognize professional sports is very much a 'what have you done for me lately' kind of job, but still. I will say that after a 6 point game his rope is justifiably a few feet shorter, & with Evans behind him he has to know it. Yes, it will be interesting. Aren't we glad to have our football back!

That wasn't on Masoli. That first drive he was deadly accurate. After that the Bombers settled down and killed them in the trenches, both sides.

If Masoli's your number 1 guy then he should start again next week. He wasn't awful.