Report: Marshall might be Blue Bombers' next coach

If Marshall gets hired as the head coach in Winnipeg we should take a hard, long look at their Defensive Coordinator -- Mark Nelson. That is assuming he becomes available.

b]Marshall in the Bombers' mix[/b]

Ticat assistant looking for top job

January 26, 2010 Drew Edwards

The Hamilton Spectator
The Blue Bombers have again asked the Tiger-Cats for permission to speak to Marshall after first making the request about a month ago.

It's possible Marshall will travel to Mobile, Ala., this week
to meet with Mack who, like many of his CFL counterparts,

is scouting practices for the upcoming Senior Bowl.

"We're probably a little bit behind the curve here in terms of trying
to get a coach and a coaching staff together," Mack said yesterday.

"I really have to concentrate on that as much as anything.

That's going to dictate everything we do going forward."

Marshall's name is said to be at or near the top of a very short list
of possible candidates to replace the fired Mike Kelly.

"I had done some research after the Bombers called me,
looking at viable candidates," Mack said.

"I had pretty much narrowed it down, but that's not to say that

if somebody I really respected came up to me and said,

'You really have to consider this name' that I wouldn't listen."

I read in some Winnipeg newspaper words to the effect that
the Board of Directors are pressuring Joe Mack to hire Greg.

I would absolultely HATE to lose coach Marshall, but I do wish him the best of luck.

I don't know how happy I would be as a GM if I didn't even get to make the decision who my head coach would be.

I am of (at least) two minds on this.

First, if is in fact true and not just a rumour, that the Winnipeg BoD are pressuring Mack to hire Marshall as the head coach there, I agree it puts the new guy in a difficult position.

Next, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me. Marshall has been a defensive coach throughout his coaching career. . .and Winnipeg's problems last year were on offence; their defence, under Nelson, was pretty darn good all things considered (such as how long they were required to be on the field since that sad excuse for an offence couldn't get a first down). So that tells me that they should be looking for a more offensive minded coach (as in George Cortez).

As for Marshall, while I think he did a stellar job with the Cats' D last season, one caveat. . . it seems to me that wherever he's been as the defensive coordinator (Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa) his defences look really good in the first season or two under him, but then regress. . .as if after a time the players are tuning him out. I don't know about that, but it is cause for some concern. . .

The fact that the Bomber BOD is pressuring Mack into looking at Marshall means that the BOD want a HC they know they can influence. If I were Marshall, I would be wary of that.

The BOD pressuring the manager is a set up for potential disaster.

Why hire a manager that you won't let manage?

Not a good formula for a front office.

Either way, Obie should start compiling a list of candidates to replace Marshall now because who knows how many of those candidates will be available later should Marshall get hired.

I also am not a fan of hiring internally. While Marcel has done a good job his refusal to make needed adjustments on offense (his responsibility) worries the hell out of me.

He's a great motivator. I'm not sure his strength is with Xs and Os.

Who knows about Kropke, but there are bound to be some growing pains.

...looks like the hunt is over......according to our local radio station that carries the Bomber games....Marshall will be named head-coach next tues. or wed..... if true....Welcome home Greg...

According to this report on this evening, there are three remaining candidates for the Bomber head coaching job (including Greg Marshall the frontrunner) and new GM Joe Mack needs to conduct two "repeat interviews" over the next four to five days.

...that sounds logical.....still might be up in the air....but according to the radio station in the could be a done deal :roll:

If we want to go with proven veterans as Defensive Coordinators,instead of Dave Ritchie why not go with Don Sutherin...Assuming he's not busy and would want the job....

I was under the impression Sudsy is too old and frail to actively coach?

My guess is that it’s a done deal that’s basically been done for awhile now. I think the board has Mack blowin’ smoke at the media and fans trying to make it look like the decision is really his. The confirmation, for me, will come when Marshall flies out to the 'peg next week (rather than Mobile this week) for his “interview” and the press conference is held on the same, or immediately following, day.

Joe Pascucci, a long time Global Winnipeg sports reporter has predicted, on a Winnipeg radio sports show, that Greg Marshall will be announced as the Bombers' new HC on Groundhog Day (Tuesday, Feb. 2) or the following day.

Here is a link to an article titled "Marshall takes coaching snub in stride" by Paul Friesen on the Toronto Sun website tonight:

[url=] ... 6-qmi.html[/url]

Coach Marshall says that he will focus on his job here for the time being. It is anybody's guess as to what will happen after the Argo ownership situation gets sorted out next week and they renew their search for a head coach.