Report: Marshall might be Blue Bombers' next coach


“The prevailing theory now suggests that if the Bombers want to offset Mack’s current unfamiliarity with the CFL - he hasn’t worked in this league since 1987 - the organization needs to turn to a veteran three-down coach who knows his stuff like Marshall, currently defensive co-ordinator of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats.”


""I haven’t talked to anybody there yet, but I’m expecting to. No one has said that in any particular words, but I’ve been led to believe I’ll be contacted once they get to the coach’s stage in the process.

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If Ticats end up with Stubler as D.C then losing Marshal wouldnt be such a big loss.

Mass.... people keep saying this but Stubler likes veterans who fit his system. It would take a couple of years to transform the defence to his standards (if that fast) I believe. That means uncertainty and a reverse from our current position for at least a year.

He's a good coach... but a demanding one that wants to mold a system to his philosophy. If we go to him I would expect us to go backward for at least a year.

Does anyone even know if Stubler wants to coach again? Everyone just assumes he's sitting by the phone waiting for Obie to call.

I spoke to serval Members of our Local Media Most Feel Greg will be the Bombers Head coach before the end of the month

You may want to listen to talk 820 Tomorow The Glenn Allan Show There maybe some info Tomorow .

I feel they may keep the Same Defence and Just Let JOHN KROPKE be the DC

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If the new Winnipeg Blue Bombers G.M. John Mack hires Greg as their head coach,

I would like us to hire from within but, instead of the much less experienced
John Kropke, I would like Marcel to promote Brad Millar to defensive co-ordinator.

I listened to some interviews today and Mr. Mack said he’s planning to interview candidates while in Mobil next week. I didn’t get the sense that a decision has been made. He mentionned Marshall, Jones, Milanovich and could be others. I am pretty sure his handlers have told Mack that they would be happy to have Marshall back but its his decision kind of thing. At most I would say Marshall has been vetted.

Story goes Taman, not Mack, was the favourite of the BOG and was essentially hired until he was told he had to hire Mack as director of player personnel. Taman refused, of course.
To fill all the vacancies the Bummers BOG are calling the shots here, not Mack, if they want Marshall he'll be hired.

In mikey's earth-shattering link to start this thread it alludes Bummer assnt Bob Dyce supports the hiring of Marshall. The reporter has since retracted that Dyce does not necessarily feel as such.

With meddling and the buddy hiring system from the BOG don't say good-bye to Marshall just yet.

Saturday (today) article from Winnipeg Sun:

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[i]"If Greg Marshall's ears were burning right around 10 a.m. Winnipeg time yesterday, it probably wouldn't have been the first time.

It's well-known there are some board members of Marshall's old team, the Blue Bombers, who would like to see him named the club's next head coach.

The first to go public with that sentiment was Joe Poplawski at yesterday's news conference introducing new Bomber GM Joe Mack.

"I often ask, 'Why isn't Greg Marshall a head coach in the CFL at this time?'" Poplawski said. "He's a solid individual, certainly knows the game of football and he's got a bunch of experience that could help out a number of teams in the CFL.

"I would have to think that Greg Marshall is going to be one of the candidates."

Currently the defensive co-ordinator in Hamilton, and with 16 years as a CFL assistant under his belt, [u]Marshall said he's encouraged by the support, and hopes he gets a chance to discuss the job with the new boss.

"If I have their support, hopefully that's an indication that he's going to look at me as a serious contender," Marshall said. "They are already aware of my interest, so I would expect at some point in time that I would have a conversation with Joe Mack." [/u][/i]

Onknight - What does John Kropke bring to the table? I have confidence in the sytems Marshall brough to the Tiger Cat defence. I don't however, have any confidence in Kropke to be able to evaluate talent or continue with Marshalls systems.
Think outsode of the box and bring a person who is a great teacher and talent evaluator and someone who can quickly think on the fly. I don't feel Kropke has that tyupe of talent. Your thoughts?

Trestman and Huffnagel basically gave the blueprint on how to pick apart Stublars zone defences. Zones defences are becoming a thing of the past


Well Right now I like to Keep Greg but if he Gose

Here are some of the Choises ,

Promote within Keep most of Same System Greg brought in
Brad Miller

Hire From Outside that mean we Change Systems again
Rich Stubler
Dave Ritchie ... l_coach%29

Really outside the box Hires.
Danny Kepley

Kropke is only qualified to coach the Dline and nothing more.

Good coaches in good organizations are allowed to grow and evolve to bigger positions. People thought Marcel couldnt be a head coach until he was given the opportunity. Whatever Obie decides if Marshall leaves is a pretty good indicator where Kropke sits.

I wouldn't say that. Etcheverry in Sask runs a lot of zone behind the stunting D-line and they have success. What happened in Toronto is that all the players got older, Rita and Mohns didn't bring in fresh bodies to challenge at those positions, and Stubler turned over the DC reins to Kavis Reed, who is no Rich Stubler.

Zone coverage is essentially part of any DC's playbook. Man/combo zones are never going away IMO.

Sort of like. . . "I served with RIch Stubler, I knew Rich Stubler, Rich Stubler was a friend of mine. . . and Kavis, you're no Rich Stubler."

lol I think in Saskatchewan they have first hand experience now of what kind of a coach Kavis Reed is.

Etch's defence is 100% different than Rich's, Etch also comes with a lot of exotic blitz's and changes it up a lot, the only similarity is that it is a gimik type defence which has it's holes that can be exploited by smart oc's and qb's. Glenn absolutley torched Etch's defence when we played them the second time.

I know zones are a part of any defence but it's not something that should be used 100% of the time with a 3 man rush like Stubler uses it. Creehan ran that crap 2 years ago, I dont think they want to go back to it.