Report: Marc Cohon extends contract

This is great news for the CFL as far as I'm concerned. This is the right man to lead the CFL to even greater prominence. Best commissioner the CFL's had.

Agreed, he's done a decent job


He has done a good job, and will do an ever better job when he negotiates the next tv deal.

He has taken a few shots for being kind of a strawman but I think overall he's improved the league as a whole, good work Mr Commish.

Awesome news! He will lead this league towards more expansion and larger TV deals. Keep it up, Commish! :rockin:

Super news for sure. :thup:

Great news and everyone likes MC.
For his next term he can deal with the TV contract and expansion issues.

congrats to Marc Cohon the CFL is in good hands

Considering that David Brayley is the real commishoner and Cohon is nothing more then his puppet, he has done a good job of basicly being the face of the league... If Cohon ever tryed to actually go against Brayley on anything...he'd be run out of office just like the last two guys.