Report- LV superbook has taken $100k plus Grey Cup bets - line change

Moments ago LV Superbook at WG off the stip in Las Vegas on ESPN radio said their largest bets today came in form of CFL Grey Cup with bets over $100k. Few large bets came in last night and this morning multiple $100k plus bets were placed on HAMILTON TIGER CATS to win and has changed the line to HAMILTON vs WINNIPEG -picke'em.

One of the bettors though (not confirmed)came from well known Canadian and another is a well known local.


There is a local radio show broadcasting live in the sportsbook until 5pm and the VIP room, theater, and 1 of the large screens will be showing the GREY CUP.

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That sounds good, is there a source for this? Seems like a nice handle is expected in Canada, especially when parlayed with NFL bets.The games will begin before the Grey Cup game for CFL bettors | The Star
“Will it rival an NFL game? No. But we expect to have a pretty good write. And the in-game betting should be quite popular.”

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