Report: Lions to acquire Vernon Adams Jr. from Als

VANCOUVER — The BC Lions may have a new quarterback when they return from their bye next week.

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he will have a great O in front of him and should look good...but as always, the learning of even the BASICS of the play book takes time....


So I guess O’Conner is out for a bit. Big play VA is an upgrade, but he plays different style. He is/ you don’t want him just gunning down the field as he is less accurate the Rourke. But he can also scramble pretty well.
BC fans do you like the trade? Als fan did you get a good return?

Wow, big move by BC, shows they are serious about winning THIS year.
Ya, it takes time to learn the playbook, but I think alot of VA success is from broken plays. He sure has some highs & lows though.
Reunited with Pipkin!

And with this move, Montreal went from one of the deepest QB pools to one of the weakest. Wonder if there was more behind the scenes when he went on IR, and was never going to play for them again anyways.


You mean it's not just as simple as:

  1. Locate open receiver
  2. Throw to open receiver
  3. ???
  4. Profit


Takes a special kind of stupid for a GM to fire the winningest Coach since Trestman and trade the winningest QB since Calvillo!

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Makes little sense to me. I liked Adams and his attitude. B.C. wins on this deal.


Thank god you are not a head coach or an O coordinator if you think they do as basic as that... Plays are called by numbers and codes in the huddle this assigns blocking schemes routes to run and snap count just to name a few if the things all players need to know just get the play called and executed....

I wish the well travelled Vernon Adams all the vey best with his new team-B.C Lions. :thinking: I guess coach Campbell preferred a proven CFL quarterback versus a recent NFL cut. :question: Although Vernon is an amazing athlete, I never admired his ability to read Defenses and his ability to seize the moment-"Not mentally tough enough" :bangbang:

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Note to self: do not joke with Rider fans.


I wonder who we will see hit the 6 game? Maybe Lucky? Cap numbers are just not adding up with this deal. Also strange to make it unless Rourke is finished for the season, playoffs included.

Sure you can.
But offensive coordinators, quaterbacks, olinemen, and offenses in general are a bit of a sore spot at the moment.

Personally, I find it easier to just assume sarcasm in every post, so bring it on, sonny!

When I ask a couple of my Rider pals what comes after four, they always respond some guy ducking from a golf ball.

Really? I kinda thought that would be more of a Leafs' fan response.

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Adams may do well with the weaponry they have in BC, but no way he he wins back to back on the road in the West Semi (Calgary), and West Final (Winnipeg). Save the pick and hope Rourke quickly heals up. Then again, this could be the Lions best shot at a GC, next year Rourke is either down south or the Lions have to dole out some coin and let some other big names go.

I have to think that one of the reasons they acquired Adams ( if in fact they have) is to avoid a regular season collapse and a drop down to third. They still have the advantage over Calgary for second place and Calgary may very well have to beat them in both of their remaining games in order to pass them. BC also plays Winnipeg twice late and may benefit from those being meaningless games for the Bombers.

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It appears that the deal has in fact been completed.

(Lions acquire QB Adams Jr. from Alouettes

Would be nice to know O'Connor's status, he still shows on the active roster. Too early in the morning to form an opinion, my brain doesn't want to wake up, should be injecting coffee straight into the vein, not drinking it. Get back to you all later.

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Adams is a former lion with CFL experience. Injuries to top 2 BC quarterbacks forced this trade to improve depth.

I think there's a very good chance Rourke is done for the whole year. And a pretty good chance he's done with the CFL, at least for a year or two.

VAJ may well end up their starter for the next few years. I think O'Connor will still be given a chance to be first-string, but if he falters the team now has an experienced backup.

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