Report: Kyries going to sign with bombers

A report that Kyries Hebert is going to sign a 2 year deal plus option with the Bombers.

I dont liek it he might screw up the chemistry of our D

...first of all he's got to make this team....secondly ..he ain't gonna replace anyone who has already made a valuable contribution to the Bombers in 06...thirdly...he may have to start at safety for now...till we see what his attitude looks like..we'll see.. :rockin: :roll:


straight to special teams with him, he is a tackling demon.....


Id like to see him replace Donovan Carter, and maybe Carter can move into the secondary or something. But of course not instantly he has to earn his way onto the field.

....there are two things of concern here...first of all Heberts attitude...he better come to play and mean it..he has the talent to make our 'd' even better...secondly...the ratio is going to change to some degree...putting the RIGHT players in the RIGHT spot is going to be VERY important....furthur to that...our 'd' coach Marshal ...knows Heberts' capabilities very well from the Rens' organization...and i'm sure he will make the right moves..goBigBlue.. :thup:

If he brings that garbage attitude with him, then we should trade him must have some trade value…

trade for the rights of a proven QB

if he messes up our current D, he should be cut, I don't want a player playing for us that don't want to bad, bad karma.

Yes i agree trad he's right to Montreal for Nealon Greene or possible Burris from Calgary just have to add Glenn to the trade for burris

burris is the same as glenn and the trade wouldnt happen anyway

Lets be realistic here you couldnt get a proven QB for him. What we could get is a proven Offensive Lineman or a DB not really many glaring holes on our team this early in the season though, And im not saying OL or DB has been bad but you can never have enough of them.

Im all for giving the guy a chance to succeed in winnipeg though. I wonder if he is in winnipeg now and practicing with the team or what.

Its a nice ideas to try to trade Hebert, but who would take him? If anyone else wanted him, they would have picked Kyries in the Dispersal Draft. Hebert is virtually untradeable. Or maybe you can do a deal with the Eskimos like the cats did last year, where Edmonton gets to keep their player until the end of the season, or what the CFL calls "future considerations"

One reason nobody wanted him was because he probly couldnt come to canada because of his ''legal issues'' at least 2 teams would be interested in him

he is an amazing player who is only going to make us better on defence and special teams....there are no qbs available that are even in the same echelon as Hebert even if you throw in a few prospects....we should keep him, he is here to play and impress so gets his shot at the NFL.....

There's no way in hell that calgary would trade burris. They're hell bent on him winning them the cup this year, he's in his prime this year, he's going to win the grey cup for the stamps for certain sarcasm(anyone see that TSN pre-game show yesterday?:lol: )! :roll:

I could see a Hebert + Glenn for Greene, but Greene isn't any better than glenn.

He's going to come here to play. The last thing any NFL team wants is a small linebacker with a bad attitude. He has to showcase and besides, those guys have to feed that huge ego. Could be dead wrong. Ouch that hurts, got to be bleeding somewhere.