Report: Jamall Johnson re-signs

Great news

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The good news just keeps getting better(better is better) :thup:

Obie rocks!!!

Great news! He was set to enter his option year after this season. The best set of LB's in the CFL should be together for a long time. ... hnson.html

Beauty. :thup: :thup: :thup:



Sorry about that, didn't see the initial thread. But wow, the transactions just keep on comin'. Obie likely isn't done either, I expect a trade or two to add some NI depth.

:thup: :thup: :D

No Probs Jordan and yes it is big news

We re-signed Knowlton, brought in Williams, and now we re-sign JJ.

It looks like a great linebacking corps will continue to be great.

One of the best move we’ve made this off-season. I’ve been waiting for this one since last season lol. Great news.

We have secured the best linebacker corps until at least 2012 and most likely 2013..

This is great news, and I look forward to watching them all fight over who leads the league in tackles for the next 3 seasons! :lol:

I'd much prefer to see them all at the back of the pack in number tackles due to our D forcing lots of two-and-outs. :wink:

That would also be a great situation.. I have no problem with Stevie Baggs and company holding opposing offenses to 2 and outs..

But as fans there is a lot to be excited about when it comes to our front 7, I will go on record and say we have the best front 7 in the league hands down.. No other team has the type of quality we have up front. But unfortunately in a passing league it comes down to the 5 guys playing behind them and in that area its impressing me, not so much.. :lol:

Nice resign

Nice story on Jamal Johnson by Drew Edwards here

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My two years with the Ticats have been — I don’t want to say great, but they’ve been close to great in terms of the numbers,? Johnson said. “This organization treats players with respect and my teammates, I just love them.?

Johnson was set to enter the last year of his contract, meaning he would have been eligible for free agency after next season. He would have been an attractive target for a number of clubs, but Johnson said he wasn’t interested in exploring the open market.

“I like continuity and I wasn’t looking to move on,? Johnson said. “I want to make things work here and, if I can, retire a Ticat.?

What a Great Guy!