Report in Edmonton -- Coach Maccioca will be replaced

Reports today that Campbell has been speaking with coach Mike Kelly, and coach Greg Marshall to replace Maccioca.

Also reports surfacaed today that both Campbells have been in hot contact with the Maccioca the past 2 weeks, and the G.M Paul Jones has apparently had enough.

Mike Kelly is also in the running for the Ti-Cats job but Kelly knows Paul Jones well with his days in Winnipeg.

In a word - “Huh”?

“Get your tinfoil hats here!”



I don't need to show or point the direction to where this information comes form.

Maybe you should move to Edmonton and get the info in the city, or you can just take the information and do what your want with it.

I'm sure you will wait a few moments, or some of you days, and then you will get the information then.

And then tell me I got the information from there.

I'm not here to direct you to anyplace. I told you the information, so take it and do what you want with it.

But, you can't flush a computer monitor into the sewers when you're "finished with it"...

Well, I appreciate these "breaking news" reports from "undisclosed sources". I just called my bookie, Vegas had Maccioca at 5-1 not getting fired, so I put my good money down.

Was in Marty York's column yesterday.

And we all know he's a "CFL insider". :roll:

It's not the required thing to do - it's the POLITE thing to do.

You may find that your credibility with the other posters here will skyrocket. 8)

Ah the ancient cry of the Defecation Rearranger.


Have any of these breaking news reports come to pass yet?

they won the Grey Cup and he's being replaced?

come on.

They life of a coach can be like a mayfly. The big defensive flop on the Stegall miracle has been sitting in the stomach of Esks staff/fans like cheap tequila and pepto-abysmo all week, plus they look like crap all year. Not suprised about the rumours or about Greg landing on his feet. Easy pickings for the rumour makers (fakers).As it has been said many times by many posters "What have you done for me lately". As we all may know, pointing the finger at the coach isn't always the right place, but usually the first place. Will the Cats crossover to the west playoffs? :slight_smile:

one thing i do know is hughie campbell doesn't mess around, so be suprised.