Report in Edmonton -- Coach Maccioca will be replaced

Reports today that Campbell has been speaking with coach Mike Kelly, and coach Greg Marshall to replace Maccioca.

Also reports surfacaed today that both Campbells have been in hot contact with the Maccioca the past 2 weeks, and the G.M Paul Jones has apparently had enough.

Mike Kelly is also in the running for the Ti-Cats job but Kelly knows Paul Jones well with his days in Winnipeg.

......and these 'reports' can be substantiated where?....

Relax....McMahon is really Marty York.

I'm here to give you the information. I don't need to show or point to where the reports are from. Move to Edmonton and listen to the radio, read the papers, or see the reports all over the t.v.

Or even just ask around.

I don't know how many times people say what you do, and then find the info moments later, or some days later.

So don't try to push the information around. The info is here for you, now take it and do what you want with it.

much more credible if you post a link, don't you think? If these reports exist, as you claim - and they very well may - a link isn't too much to ask.

is it the greg marshall in winnipeg? or the one that got canned in steel town?

McMahon keeps posting his thoughts like they are facts. He fabulates news and sources.

I agree with Sportsmen: McMahon and York. Two men. One disease.

Who's Marty York?

Yep, a link would help,you puny linkless individual. :cowboy:

Didn't Edmonton fire the last coach to bring home a Grey Cup? For the sin of going 9-9 and making the playoffs the next season? Some of us (well, I guess not that many of us) would love to go 9-9.

Well i know there was a poll on the 630CHED radio station that same night after the loss to WPG that the fans want Maccioca Fired.. but I don't know about the rest of it.

Only in Edmonton would they ask for the head of the defending Grey Cup winning coach when he's one game below .500

its made up, im in edmonton and havent heard crap.

Macocia is a very good coach, you dont win a championship if your a crap coach, sure he pisses me off alot but he and the eskies will show that we are a grey cup favorite in the cmoing weeks.

....and only CHED would hold a poll the very same night of the stunning credible would that poll be?....

...there was a 'hot rumour' going around that Huey was talking with Greg 'ex,Ti-Cat'Marshal... there could be some truth to these rumours...just how much?...only Marty York knows for sure....i would think the 'dancing fool' is probably pretty safe till the end of the year..but who knows in this wacky world of sports these days.. :roll: :?

Yep, it's our old pal Marty, all right.....

An excerpt.....

" In case you missed my York Report in Wednesday's editions of Metro, let me tell you that two more CFL head coaches are in serious jeopardy of losing their jobs, sources say.

Danny Maciocia, who only last season led the Eskimos to the Grey Cup championship in his first year as a head coach, is no longer in the good books of Edmonton bossman Hugh Campbell, and sources say another embarrassing loss or two will mean he will be replaced by Greg Marshall. A former Edmonton player, Marshall recently was fired as Hamilton’s head coach.

Sources say Campbell and Marshall already have been talking.

The Esks lost a mind-boggler to Winnipeg last Thursday, when Milt Stegall turned a 100-yard, catch-and-run into the winning touchdown on the game's final play. "


I doubt it’s York.

York writes far better and holds better command of English language — unless that’s a ploy.

Sounds more like he steals from York and other sources and tries to pass crapola off as his own insider info.

Hmm, sounds like oft-banned Saskfan.

Question for the vet posters here. How many times has what McMahon posted ever found to be the case?

*** Crickets

I meant his "source" was York.....

He is Mr Rumour mill was with Sportsnet News at one time. He Couldn't report a thing accurately.....You can tell when he is feeding you a line of B*** Sh** ...His lips move.

Welcome back rickywhatsyourname...Have you been hiding from the Bomber posters?

A few of them have been looking for you. :wink: