Report - evidence found MLSE/Rogers to ruin Argos/CFL in TO

There has been evidence found regarding MLSE and Rogers together have spent effort trying to destroy the image of the CFL in southern ontario dating back to 2007. The plan was to ruin the brand of Argos football in S.ontario and then eventually place a mole within the organization to ruin the team. Then MLSE would step in and either relocate the team or fold the team due to franchise stability issues and then approach the NFL for an expansion franchise. In the files MLSE reps were quoted as saying the NFL told them they would never expand to Toronto or any Canadian city with the CFL in its presence. And that it is important for the NFL for a strong CFL league in Canada coast to coast. A quote also mentions if there was no CFL then the NFL would consider.

Evidence has been brought to the attention of a prominent media personnel in Canada. Was told the list is long of the things they have done. Some of the items listed

-Used the Argos to get gov't funding for BMO field expansion and then go 50/50 as tenant but Argos get zero visibility around stadium. Seats are red, zero argo signage,etc

-Rogers had agreement with TFC and Blue Jays to schedule games to hurt Argos scheduling and agreed to force the sell of marketing only to TFC and Blue Jays during Argos season that would not include game recaps during most watched time of tv sport segments.

-Paid employees to bad mouth the CFL. Names included Bob McCown, Damian Cox, and Arash Madani.

-Trick Argos corporate sponsors into agreements with Raptors, Blue Jays, TFC and leaving Argos very little $$

i assumed nothing is illegal in these findings however was told it is illegal under CRTC law as it now involves TSN (bell). This could be a massive media story that could end of destroying Rogers credibility and it would be possible a major lawsuit.

Wow, this is huge. Bigger than WikiLeaks! The truth which is plainer than the nose on your face has finally come out. This explains a lot about what is going on with the CFL in Toronto. The sad part is it's happened all before in Montreal with the populace convinced if they got rid of the Alouettes the NFL would deliver a franchise to Montreal the next season, especially with their new billion-dollar 80,000-seat covered stadium.

Not sure if you just came up with this but it is something that all Argonaut fans have known for years. Rogers couldn't have been more obvious in it's shat treatment of The Argonauts and it's fans. A Canadian company making billions off the backs of hard working Canadians and then stabbing the Argos and CFL in the back. Then they wondered why I cancelled my cel with them since I had been with them since day one.

I really hope that you didn't just write this but there is a story about to surface because that Karma would be great!!!

I've said that the new Argonaut Curse would not have the Jays win squat until they fess up, apologize and start treating the Argonauts with respect.

The Toronto Argonauts welcomed the Jays and Toronto Blizzard soccer team into CNE stadium with no ill will but excitement. Years later and when struggling like any team established in 1873 might from time to time they get stabbed in the back and treated like fecal matter.

I guess if true that must mean Bell and Tannenbaum were out to sabotage the Argos too - since they've had a major interest and basically a veto vote on MLSE board for several years now and MLSE was part of this 'plot'. :roll:

Oh and about BMO expansion. MLSE PAID for well over 80% of the expansion themselves for THEIR team. Why should another organization's team that is going to be a tenant and put no money into the project themselves then expect to get half the signage?

And if you actually read any of the city of Toronto documents when the city was voting on contributing to the BMO expansion it was there black and white that this was an expansion for soccer and that TFC (MLSE's team) with MLSE still managing the stadium would be the main tenant. The Argos would be accommodated and right in that paper work it was clear what signage etc the Argos would and would not get. Nothing trying to mislead the city at all.

I see the mole resemblance now! :smiley:

Oh don't put down poor moles. haha.

The way Barker has been running the show he could be the mole.

Get them on the case:

They want 12 episodes next season.

It is Nov 1 today, not Apr 1.

@ the OP, Libel, I suggest you look up the definition.

Not that I completely disagree with the notion of a Rogers' plot, but where is the link?

Obviously nothing that would surprise any CFL fan. Although I don't know if there would be any legal implications. I mean it's a company wanting to degrade another company out of pure competition. That's how the business world operates everywhere. Correct?

Any link to any of this??

This the BS media:

[url=] ... e-cox.html[/url]

#BMOField was not built for soccer.

It was built for the Olympics then Pan Am Games and the Argonauts.

TFC was to play at Varsity stadium. Period.

people have zero knowledge of the situation.

It started with the York stadium which would be the home of the Argos. When that deal fell through because the Argos owners were not willing to negotiate terms with the city due to costs and also location issues. Fans were not high on moving to York.

So then a private company with Sokolowski had a plan to build a stadium owned by (2) prominent local businessmen to build a 29,000 seat stadium. The city was not involved at the time. It fell through due to internal fighting but the idea gathered steam when another local businessmen got partners involved to build it on exhibition grounds. It was to be called Canadian Tire Field. The deisng of the stadium was complete but it was too small for the Argos and th CFL.

So it fell apart. Then the Tiger-Cats got involved and the stadium deal hinged on the Argos sharing it with Hamilton but relocated the idea to Mississauga.

That fell apart due to Sokolowski and Cynamon feud which later ended up the cause of selling the team.

When the team was sold. The stadium deal was still in the works. From what I know the CFL got involved and even offered to assist in financing the pre-phase with all CFL teams contributing a small amount.

Canadian Tire design was sent to the city for help and they used the Pan American Game agenda to get it done.

The reason why the seats are red in the stadium is not for TFC but because of Canadian Tire. They kept the same design throughout the process and when BMO Field later signed on. It was never an issue for changing the seats.

TFC name could have been the TFC Blues if BMO wanted the seats changed.

When BMOField was expanded it was to be built for the Argos moving in and the city would never have contributed a dime for the expansion. MLSE makes a lot of money off the NHL Leafs but they also owe a lot of money.

MLSE is not as wealthy as people assume and is why they are involved in so many schemes to get things like the world cup and other events due to their annum deficit profit ratio.

This is why MLSE could never get a NFL team cause they would never be able to provide payment for an expansion fee and new stadium.

And we already know the city of Toronto is broke and province will never contribute for a new stadium.

And is reason why Rogers Centre will be standing there for another 20 yrs.

I'm stunned that Cox even knows that there are sports in the world besides hockey. It's painful to listen to him on PrimeTime Sports.

It's articles like this that makes it wonder why is it such a surprise an apathy towards the Argos.

If you smeer a product long enough, to the casual crowd they'll eventually not buy in as it's been happening for decades.

I honestly cannot think of another city that constantly piles trash on one of it's own teams which is different than ignoring it.

At the end of the day, I don't think it's an MLSE ploy to ruin the Argos or the CFL. It's actually not even Rogers' intent

This is a corporate war between the 2 largest media companies in the country and the CFL, in more particular Argos are caught in the crosshairs.

Ever since the CFL went exclusive with TSN (Bell), Rogers has always it out for them. The first year of the exclusive arrangements was 2008. Also, the same year that the Bills in Toronto series was launched, brought to you by you know who...

Now that Bell is not just an exclusive broadcaster and now a part owner, this slinging mud will just continue. Yes, the new owners have made some mistakes in year one but Rogers' tenue of the Jays hasn't been smooth sailing rom day 1 either yet Bell doesn't seem the need to kick them when they're down.

Really? Which Olympics? Toronto and Hamilton City Councils approved a bid for the 2015 Pan Am Games on February 23, 2009. BMO Field opened in 2007. You sure your knowledge of the situation isn't a little lacking?

I must have missed the Toronto Olympic Games somehow. Were they good? Were a lot of other facilities built for the occasion?

If it wasn't so sad, I would be laughing. Cox just proved he has no journalistic ability and/or integrity.
What point other than to slag the Argos is there? I would expect this in a TFC forum with bias opinions, just like how we love to slag TFC and MLS on their TV ratings. Not actual recognized media

TFC has had larger crowds. Ok, then do a story on the how's and why's.

He is comparing Argos regular season vs TFC's home playoff game.

The only reason TFC is seen as more relevant is because most of the media treats it that way, nothing to do with reality.

MLS soccer, is possibly, what in the top 20 in soccer leagues in the world.
CFL is the 2nd best football league in regards to talent pool and salaries.

I am probably in the minority here, but I follow soccer. I guess because I am out west, I follow the Whitecaps far more then TFC. The soccer is entertaining, but there is no doubt this league is not even in conversations for being one of the top ten leagues in the world.

I think where the CFL is losing ground and in particular the argos in Toronto, is celebrity factor. Toronto is such a wannabe city, with too many followers instead of leaders. Raptors were in a stagnate state in popularity even with the team playing better, then they Bring in Drake, now they get this boost in attention, ratings notwithstanding.

TFC has somehow worked its way into this as well. I think it is the David Beckham effect. Even though he came to the league at the end of his career, all of a sudden, MLS seems to be viewed at a higher level then it is.

TFC has had bigger crowds than the Argos in the last couple of years, but that probably has more do with how the teams are playing as well. TFC has been playoff bound, and the Argos for every step forward they do, they take a step or two back.

Toronto is the only city I know, where the media and the other sports teams actually seem to be trying to disrupt and hurt a team in their own city. I get they compete against each other for entertainment dollars, but this is so beyond a joke.

Just can't believe Cox is considered a journalist.