Report: Esks trade Sanchez back to Als

Montreal Alouettes Staff

2/18/2006 6:12:24 PM

According to, the Montreal Alouettes have re-acquired defensive back Davis Sanchez from the Edmonton Eskimos in return for defensive back Reggie Durden and defensive tackle Rob Brown.

Sanchez spent only one season with the Eskimos after signing with the club as a free agent last March.

The 31-year-old was Montreal's first round pick (6th overall) in the 1999 Canadian College Draft. He moved to the San Diego Chargers in 2001 and returned to the CFL with the Calgary Stampeders in 2003. After one season with the Stamps, Sanchez was traded to Montreal in 2004.

Durden spent his entire CFL career in Montreal, joining the Alouettes as a punt returner in 2001. Prior to that, he was a member of the XFL-champion Los Angeles Xtreme.

Brown, drafted by the Eskimos in 1998, was named a East Division All-Star and a CFLPA All-Star in 2002 and was the Eskimos' Rookie of the Year in 1998 with three sacks and 17 tackles.

The Alouettes acquired him as a free agent in February 2002.

Sanchez is drafted by Montreal, and after a tryout in the NFL signs as a free agent with Calgary. They trade him back to Montreal, and he signs as a free agent with Edmonton. Now they've traded him back to Montreal. So every time he's had a choice, he's signed with a team other than the Als, but ends up getting traded back there anyway?

Reminds me of the Mike O'Shea thing: the Ticats drafted him, he signed as a free agent with the Argos. He gets traded back to Hamilton, but signs back with the Argos as soon as he becomes a free agent. He made it perfectly clear that he didn't want to be a part of the Ticat organization, and thank goodness they eventually lost interest in him.

Sounds like maybe Montreal should learn the same lesson about Sanchez, before they end up trading all their best players and end up with nothing to show for it.

Could be cash trades (contracts).

........two starters for the price of one.....Huey is working his magic and the phones...Esks. never make bad deals....though I wasn't impressed with Durden last and cold.....could be they are looking for a little insurance... :roll:

BigDave, the Als are pretty cheap in their contractual offers. We lose most of our guys because they can get more dough elsewhere. By thrading him back, they'll "have to live with his big contract", but will be able to keep denying big requests from other players, and argue they say no to everyone's big demands.

I for one, am really really happy to get him back. My three favorite Als in the last 5 years were Sanchez, Stewart and Butler. We now have all of them back. Yee-haa !

Oh my god… what the!! Why are you gonna trade Davis Sanchez? Your defence is tops in the league last year and your trading it away? Davis Sanchez is one of the top corners in the CFL. Oh my god.

Hughey, you usually make smart decisions, but this is not one. I for one would have been perfectly happy in NOT re-signing Malcolm Frank and having Sanchez and Craver as our DB’s. Stupid decision.

Sanchez is junk I pent the better part of the offseason commenting on how he is only good because people say he is good. he has a very short fuse and a knack for taking stupid penalties he is not worht either of the guys we traded for him

Mada7, Rob Brown wanted out anyways. So we basically traded Durden for Sanchez. If you don't see an upgrade in that, then I'll assume you just dislike Sanchez too much for his tamper tantrum and that blinds you to how good he really is.

His play reminds me of New England's Rodney Harrison... And I'd take Harrison any day.

i think the eskimos won this one..i would take Reggie Durden over Sanchez any day of the week

…my friend you have been out of posting for so long now you need some upgrade training…while you have the first half of this expression correct the second half is actually ‘Haw’…the dropping of the second and superflorous ‘a’ and adding a ‘w’ gives it the necessary inflectional drawl…also, I do hope your etiquette was up to snuff in that while stating this expression your hat will be grasped firmly in one of your hands and waving it in a circular motion high above your head, your hatless hand firmly grasping your belt and your cowboy-booted feet alternately kicking side to side…good job 3/10…

…btw, glad to see Sanchez out of the west…

Other than trading an american for a canadian I dont like him. Admittedly that temper tantrum and those ridiculous penalties made me take a clsoer look at him and during the second half of his latest stint with us whenever a QB threw at him they got quite a few completions. I honestly think that if Sanchez was an american he would be considered a marginal player at best

After getting a night to think about this trade, It's actually an alright trade. When Sanchez wasn't injured last year he allowed 10-12 yard gains almost every time. You could say that's good and bad. It just annoyed the hell out of me whenever he did it. Oh well.

Reggie Durden is a good DB, and Rob Brown was with the Esks before and was our rookie of the year.

I'm not as mad as I was last night, but I'm just unsure of who got the best. If Davis Sanchez is injured as much this year as last year, then I love this trade.

i dont min this trade. i heard that sanchez was not liked in the dressing room..we get 2 players for on...ill take that anyday since we won the grey cup without davis..

It seems even up to me. I like Sanchez as a player and a Canadian starter, but I think Robert Brown is a great addition. Don’t know much about Durden yet so I won’t comment. Two imports for one non import. The fact that they did win the GC without Davis last year leaves a lot of room for a positive upside for the Esks.


The Grey Cup champs wouldn't throw Reggie's way in the biggest game of the year...and we won without Sanchez...and we get R.B....and you're happy? The EE robbed the Birds!

I think the Esks did okay on this one.

I think the trade is pretty even. The eskies have a lot of canadian depth so we can afford to trade sanchez.