Report: Elks to release QB Kai Locksley

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks may be making some changes at the quarterback position, according to a report from TSN’s Farhan Lalji.

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Well, you can’t keep 4 QB’s on the roster forever. It was obvious once the Elks fell behind yesterday they were going to try all their options and pick who to keep.

Funny to quote a hockey coach here but I remember Pat Quinn once talking about throwing kids into the NHL in their draft yoear and it being “too soon”. Which is a reason I can appreciate the care they are taking with Ford. He is obviously seen as the future QB and getting him to where he can survive the style he plays without constant injury is the goal. He needs to put on some pounds before he’s a regular. 6’1" 185 lb is fine in collage, he needs that up to about 200 lb.


Ya. I am guessing the short-term play is to play Doege the next few weeks, if he can play reasonably well…and let Ford develop behind him. My guess is Cornelius will be the immediate back-up to bring in if Doege falls flat on his face. If Doege can at least keep them in a game, it is his job to lose.

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