Report: Elks to go w/ QBs Cornelius, Prukop vs WPG

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks will have a different look at quarterback this week when they face the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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This is awesome news for this diehard Edmonton fan , but the crazy thing is if they would have just left Harris on the 6 game injury list they could have saved those 6 games on the cap.It’s time to move on from Harris now as he isn’t worth the money he is making,at the same tim Elizondo , BS , the president and SVR can all go too

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I expect there will be a lot of changes coming there. Message being sent there to everyone. Don't think it will do much good at this point.

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Stinks of desperation to sell tickets. Funny how when you are on pace for the worst record in 58 years you can't draw fans.

Must have been something Eddie Steele said...

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No surprise the Elk would do this, the only qb in the league more over rated than Harris is Masoli in Hamilton. Both of them hyped to the breaking point by the tsn gang.

Well as a die hard fan for 50 some years, as Blake Dermott said after the game, this is very hard to watch. To me there is a whole lot wrong, and the team has totally been on a nose dive for far too long. To me what kept the team what it was when I grew up just no longer exists. I could go on for hours as to the specifics, but in short the team needs to clean house and find some ex players who were part of what was and get rid of all the upper people from the coach to president who have driven this team into the ground and find a way to start bringing the organization back from the top down. To me what made this team great for so long has just been slowly eroded and lost over the last 10 years maybe longer

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I'm not saying there isn't room for improvement, but the only quarterback who has looked good while playing the Bombers is Collaros.

No no. Change is good. I'd be evaluating QB talent from now until the end of the season too. Expect a lot more change in the off season.

Just like Ricky Ray was no good and then went to TO and won the GC, give me a break, this organization is been going the toilet for quite some time. The coaching staff and everyone above them should be gone and bring in people who know football and how to run an organization just like a few hundred miles down south.

You absolutely said it perfectly ,word for word you are bang on thank you for the awesome comment

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Harris is not your problem, Esks - I mean Elks.
Sure he is not at his best right now but you got deeper problems.
That coach - Who Dat ? has got to go - Worse than the uber-annoying Maas.
And Cornelius = Fuggetaboutit.

The Edmonton Elks have given Trevor Harris ample opportunity to strut his stuff. The fact is he was never known as a all around quality Quarterback. There are to many pivots who impress with passes of less than 10 yards per throw. The Eskimos & now the Elks were always recognized as a solid ground game. They now have James Wilder Jr to solve that problem. Unfortunately the first fall guy is Trevor Harris. I would have fired Jamie Elizondo right after their 30-3 loss in Week 10 to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

P.S. I would not be surprised if the Elks lose their remaining 6 games on the schedule. The irony is he was hired after Scott Milanovich bailed out on the club to the NFL,just prior to the 2021 season :bangbang:Scott Milanovich
Scott-Take 2

Milanovich would have proved equally disastrous.