Report: Elks' Lawler has season-ending surgery

TORONTO — It appears that Kenny Lawler‘s highlight-laden season is over.

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Too bad for Kenny. It doesn’t affect his team this year at least. I hope he heals completely and is ready to play at full tilt next season.

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Dang. That sucks for him and the elks. Here’s hoping he has a speedy and total recovery from surgery.

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yea just saw this. i hope he fully recovers and is back next year.

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One of the bright lights for the Elks this year. Always want to see the best on the field. Was looking forward to his warm reception in his return to IG Field Saturday night. Guess it’ll have to wait until next year. Best wishes for a full recovery.

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Every time I watch a MTL game I am surprised with a lack of penalties for unnecessary roughness and rough play where their opposition get hurt.

Lawler was used as a trampoline when he only needed to be touched....

Brown was gang tackled by 8 guys and there were guys joining the tackle after he had obviously been stopped.

The tackle on Cornelius out of bounds - when he was clearly headed out of bounds.

The rough play on players already on the turf has not been called very often this season at all and piling on has not been called that I remember despite teams piling 5-7 guys onto a returner regularly.

It's really a player safety issue that should extend to all players, not just quarterbacks.

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Here's hoping Kenny has a full recovery and is ready to rock n roll next season. He was one of a very few guys that was a pleasure to watch this season.

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Sorry that Lawler is hurt again and out for the season. The highest paid receiver on the CFL Football field and he is out for repairs again after just a few game? I don't think it was the fault of any opponent, more just rotten luck on the landing. All his best efforts were not enough to get the Elks out of the basement. This proves it takes a whole team to be successful.

Minutes actually....

Best of luck too Kenny Lawler for a full and healthy recovery for the Elks 2023 season. Definitely one of the Top receivers with the greatest show on turf. :bangbang:

Hope Kenny heals and mends quickly.
A great presence on the field.
A definite bright spot in the Elks lineup.
Wish him all the best for a speedy recovery.

Get well quickly Kenny, see you in 2023.:green_heart::blue_heart:

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