Report: Duron Carter returning to CFL

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Former Alouette Duron Carter @DC_CHILLIN_8 returning to #CFL ... ing-to-cfl#AlsMTL via @HerbZurkowsky1

Herb Zurkowsky @HerbZurkowsky1
Been told by another source close to @DC_CHILLIN_8 the deal with the #Als is as good as done. He likely becomes #CFL's highest-paid receiver

Two sources have told the Montreal Gazette the 6-foot-5, 205-pound receiver has agreed to terms with the Als, the contract potentially making the Florida native the CFL’s highest-paid player at his position.[/b]

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Good for Carter.
Good for the Alouettes.
Good for the CFL.
Good for us fans.

Except for the whole Rod Black effect. :cry:

[i]OHHHHHH YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carter back in da house!

When do we play them Ticats?! :cowboy: [/i]

Awesome. As a Buckeye fan I remember him from his College days.

I was surprised that he didn’t figure out a way to stick in the NFL after playing great in the CFL for a couple years.

At any rate, it looks like he’s there to stay. Here’s hoping he can have a nice long Kenyon Rambo-like career up in the great white north.

Now that Delvin Breaux is no longer in the league ,it is safe for him to come back. But many times when people come back, they lose a step.

Can't seem to recall who is father is...hopefully Rod Black can provide that information during a telecast...

Here's hoping (fingers crossed)

....Great receiver BUT who throws them the ball...Pinning their hopes on Glenn who can be hot and cold ain't the answer...Cato is still learning and needs a lot more seasoning...I thought the Als. would go after Trevor Harris but with the Carter signing, that one could be off the board... :roll:

Nothing wrong with Kevin Glenn. Aside from his stint in Calgary where he did very well. He's played the rest of his career for some real dogs.

....So it seems his plight for playing with dogs continues :lol: ...sorry walked into that one...But seriously would you guys still entertain the thought of going after Harris in a couple of weeks...He would be a nice pick up for the immediate future and better than watching Glenn chuck the game away..

No idea how Jim Popp plays his cards, personally I am happy with KG and the kids we got. Throwing Harris in there is going to take away 400k and discourage our young qb's.

As for dogs... Assuming Calvillo and KG hold their end. I'm convinced that we can fight with the Ticats for the division.

well it's done duron carter has officially signed his 2016 ALS contract.

Popp say he is the best player in the league, far from it. And it is insulting IMO. Carter seems to have the tools but could not make it in indy and no other team even wanted to take a chance on him. Makes our league look bad, I would take SJ or tasker long before him.

He never said that. He said "one of the best" and he is accurate. Very few receivers in this league can put up 1939 yards in 21 games with the collection of quarterbacks he had. There isn't a 6.5" with those kind of wheels in the CFL.

Not sure where your going comparing possession type slotbacks to a WR...

If the article is to be believed, Carter signing for over $250,000+/yr is pretty good news amidst amidst all these other star players taking pay cuts while execs cash in.

Market sets the price and Adarius Bowman’s contract was the new benchmark… He ended up getting the money going to Stamps, Crompton and Marsh. Considering the production of those 3, it works out.

Made a mistake on that one. But we will see if he still has it. I would bet he has lost a step.

Lost a step at age 25?

[b]Herb Zurkowsky @HerbZurkowsky1 Been told by another source close to @DC_CHILLIN_8 the deal with the #Als is as good as done. He likely becomes #CFL's highest-paid receiver [/b]
Uh oh. Chris Williams may pout when he hears that. What if he goes to court again to have his contract nullified?

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"I was definitely one of the main reasons why the team (#AlsMTL) was winning? - @DC_CHILLIN_8 #CFL via @HerbZurkowsky1 #BellLetsTalk