Report: Demerio Houston headed to Calgary

TORONTO — One of the best defensive backs in the CFL could be on the move.

All-Star defensive back Demerio Houston has agreed in principle to a two-year deal with the Calgary Stampeders, reports Dan Ralph of the Canadian Press.

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Wonder what Hamilton is paying Jamal Peters who is supposed to be the highest paid DB.

Hefty price tag.

It’s not clear but we have been speculating on another thread that the $275,000 is for two years, which would make more sense. He’s certainly not worth that per year. Most Bomber fans aren’t sad to see him leave it appears.

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Oh… if that is 2 yrs its much better! Still a lot but much better. I assumed it was $275 per season

So we have one DB who can actually cover someone
Perhaps this year we won’t be playing zone when the balls on our 5 yard line ABSURD
Now go find a quarterback

Demerio Houston did have a good year and do like him, but personally, as a Blue and Gold fan, don’t think he’s worth that much. Having said that, noticing a lot of player movement heading out West and with the Bombers signing many or most of their stars, should make for a very competitive Western Conference.

Uh, kinda. He is very much a ballhawk. Meaning at times he will get interceptions and at times he will also get torched.

Not a bad signing

Yes. High risk, high reward.

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