Report: DeAngelis Signs With Ticats

Obie has a reputation as a stubborn negotiator. What I read between the lines here is that the Cats want Sandro, and he wants to be here, but money is getting in the way and neither side is admitting it publicly.

Maybe Obie should agree to everything Sandro's agent says
in his sales pitch about Sandro and pay him what he wants

if Sandro will agree to cover the salary of a punter


As long as that salary is within the range of the salarys
of Mc Callum or Prefontaine who are punters/kickers.

There is no real value of having a NI place kicker and an Import punter. The ratio needs to be applied elsewhere. I think Obie will find another Import kicker who can kick field goals and punt. The two will compete at training camp.

This is the way I see it. Obilovich and DeAngelis have a done deal but Obilovich is waiting for Huffnagel to release Burke Dales. I doubt Huffnagel will bite...

I guess everyone has forgotten about Ito who is still on the roster. He can punt AND kick. Thought he did a fine job in the 1 game last year.

Maybe draft a NI guy this year and have him and Ito fight it out in camp. You have to keep at least one draft pick on the PR so a drafted kicker would be perfect. Even the best CIAU kicker would probably need at least some time on the PR.

DeAngelis shouldn't expect as much money as guys who do both and honestly isn't worth as much.

Ito didn't impress me much at all.His punts were lame, he seemed shakey on field goals, he even missed one that the ref's didn't see.He's not really an improvement over Setta at all, quite a downgrade in fact.I doubt he'll win the starting job.

I'm inclined to agree with O'Billovich on this one. Unless we can find a good Canadian punter, it doesn't make sense to bring DeAngelis in here. Especially not at the price I'm sure he's asking. It's true that he really does have to take into consideration that he only does half the job when he's negotiating with teams in the CFL.

All the more reason to pursue Rob Maver

Offer DeAngelis top money for a guy who kicks field goals. If he ends up taking it, great. If not, Just bring Ito to camp, alog with two more import kickers, and let the best man win.

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Not sure why O Bill was so quick to cut Nick when he had no replacement. :? (as far as we know) :wink:

I'm surprised that nobody has signed him in the NFL. I really think he's good enough to play there. He's as good as Lawrence Tynes was for the Renegades.

Maybe we could make a trade for Burke Dales.. baring we don't get a capable punter in the draft.

MAVER IS GOING TO THE NFL. keep dreamin. maybe u should go after bodnar if noone else (calgary) grabs him first.

As a Ti-cat fan all I know is when it counts and we need a field goal to win the game, as we did at least three times last year, I want DeAngelis going out there in Ti-Cat colours.
When were down by one or two points in a play off game or the Grey Cup and we need a 45 yard plus field goal I want DeAngelis going out there.
When we play the Argo-nuts I don't want to see DeAngelis in double blue colours.
When ever we get within at least the opponents 45 yard line we will mark at least three points with DeAngelis 80% plus of the time.
So let's sign DeAngelis before some one else does and work on the ratio later.

Look at it this way. Whoever signs DeAngelis is set at PK for the next 6-7 years. A solid PK can win games on his own. Maybe it isn't as glamorous as the QB but I'd say he's almost important.

An Argo-Cat fan

I am assuming by PK you mean Place Kicker, in any case,
Sandro DeAngelis shouldn't be paid Punter/Kicker money.

Ito had a week or so to get ready in October
after a year of not having played in a game

and then he was thrust into an important game.

The punter/kicker situation is up in the air.

We will see what happens.

Not even close.

we just need an average american kicker and we'll be fine, there's nothing to worry about.