Report: Dane Evans to start for Ticats in Week 4

HAMILTON — The Hamilton Tiger-Cats will look for the first win of their season this week with Dane Evans at quarterback.

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First, I hope that this decision is not based on Masoli bieng badly injured. I think having Evans start would be a good move regardless of Masoli's health status. The first two games, lacked offensive imagination and variety. I can't blame Masoli for all of it, but the Cats need a fresh start and a fresh look - this is a good place to start.

I don't think Masoli was the the problem in the first 2 games. Our O line has sucked, can't be successful at QB if ya don't have any time to throw. Not saying the O line is all of the problem, but they are big part of it, the second issue is the god damn play calling is terrible!! It's like the defense knows what play is coming, we not fooling anyone! If there is a coach that has to go because of the poor start it should Tommy Condell!! I've never really liked his play book, too many damn hitch screens to the WR, and stupid plays with WRs taking handoffs for running plays! That's why you have a RB!!! I hate that Hamilton doesn't use a FB in the backfield either, giving it to a big burly back is better than QB sneak with a weak O line. We really miss Filer at centre. Hopefully we have an updated offensive playbook with some new plays, cause the first 2 weeks have been embarrassing!! I think it's time to give that Jackson the start at RB, let's see what he can do, our Canadian RB hasn't done anything including block! Cats better wake up, the East is no pushover this year, we gonna have to earn a playoff spot this year!

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With Masoli Ticats are a .500 team or lower.
With Evans they can win the Stanley Cup.
(let's see over how many heads this comment goes he he)

he likely isn't badly injured since coach O just said some rib soreness and Evans is starting due to how Masoli expressed to team he isn't feeling 100% due to rib soreness it seems . so likely the sacks he took caused him to have bruised ribs

Best of luck to the Cats quarterback Dane Evans who will get his first start in Week 4 versus the Als. The Cats Offence has been very poor in their first two games. Dane's ability to throw the deep ball may result in more points. The Als are at home. I like the Als coming off the loss. One of the keys will be can the Cats stop running back William Stanback ?

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Thanks to those who responded to my comment - it is good to know that people are active on this site. I too hope that Masoli is healthy and wish Evans all the best for tonight's game. We need this win.... Oskii - Wee - Wee!