Report: Cornish to retire due to concussions

[b]“I don’t have any regrets. It’s not how I roll,? Cornish said. “I do feel bad that I wasn’t able to give everything I could. Once you have a weak spot, people exploit it. I spent most of the start of the season defending my head against people head-butting me. What did that lead into? Breaking my thumb because I had to hit people’s helmets.

“I break my hand and then I get another concussion. This has defined my last two years . . . that hit. Unfortunately.?

Cornish would like the CFL to do more to eliminate head shots, but he’s not sure they will. Hebert was given a fine for his hit, while McCoil got nothing, so there is not much deterrent for players to stop.

“I’m not going to say anybody targets, but the league doesn’t do anything to discourage those hits,? Cornish said on Friday. “We technically have a defenceless player rule, but I have never seen it called. Simon Charbonneau-Campeau suffered a hit against Saskatchewan last year. He did OK, but he was essentially defenceless.

“(The McCoil hit) was a similar thing when you go up for a ball and you can’t defend yourself against being blown up. It jacks my head in such a way. It may be a more significant hit than the Kyries Hebert hit. Not just an arm it was entire shoulder pad into my head.

“It’s not something I can really say anything about. Apparently it was an OK football play. As long as that’s considered a football play, I can’t do anything about it.?

He says he’s already made the team aware of his decision, and it’s likely they focus on getting Jerome Messam signed for next season as his replacement.

There will be a big retirement announcement at some point and he deserves to go out in style.[/b]

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Its too bad, figured he would have had at least 2-3 more years yet.
Opened doors for Cdn RB’s to be considered as starters.

Would have to agree, the only players that seem to be protected from intentional head hits are QB’s. However, many times difficult to call as RB’s and Receivers tend to lower the heads to prepare for a hit.

He’s had a longer than average career for a running back, but you never want to see a guy retire because of concussions. I hope he’ll be okay and won’t suffer any long-term brain problems.

I wonder to what extent this is the cause of so many more players getting injured these days than decades past? Some players just seem to have a need to try to end the careers of others.

It's barely discouraged by the league. Penalties are ridiculously inconsequential compared to the damage inflicted. And from my uninformed perspective, it appears the CFLPA is far more interested in protecting the headhunters than their victims.

What a total puss - - blaming other players for having the audacity to hit him and end his career.

Evidently Cornish can't remember how he was concussed by Winnipeg last year - - one of the hopeless Bomber defenders was lying on the ground and Cornish tripped over him and somehow banged his head when he fell to the turf.

Cornish was a player who never liked physical contact. He was great when no defenders touched him - - as any player would be - - but as soon as he got punched in the mouth a few times he'd quit.

This is precisely why he could always be counted on to disappear during Grey Cup games. Once the intensity level gets cranked up to championship caliber, Cornish would always go into hiding.

THREE (3) appearances in the big game, and Cornish has the same number of Grey Cup touchdowns as my pet goldfish has - - ZERO.

Cornish could have easily played a few more years had he not suffered from multiple concussions.

..and now that Frank Gifford and other deceased stars have been found to have CTE in 96% of those tested one has to wonder how the game will survive long term especially with issues revolving ongoing lawsuits, liability insurance, decline in player recruitment at the grass roots level, PR crisis, fan apathy etc etc.

a very interesting article and not out of the realm of possibility IMO...

What Would the End of Football Look Like?
An economic perspective on CTE and the concussion crisis

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To bad, but never like the guy. To arrogant for me.

La retraite de Cornish pour cette raison est très regrettable. Cornish est un porteur de ballon exceptionnel et le voir jouer dans ses meilleures saisons était une œuvre d'art à contempler pour tout amateur de football. Il faudra bien un jour améliorer la protection des joueurs vulnérables parce que si les joueurs défensifs gagnent constamment en masse et en puissance, c'est moins vrai pour les joueurs offensifs qui doivent aussi miser sur la vitesse et la vivacité des mouvements, en plus de s'exposer davantage aux coups.

On a vu cette saison tous les joueurs offensifs d'impact qui ont été blessés sérieusement, et ça ne devrait pas aller en diminuant. L'introduction de la règle interdisant les contacts entre receveurs et couvreurs passé les 5 verges a forcé les coordonnateurs défensifs à accentuer la poursuite du quart, augmentant ainsi la pression sur tout le champ arrière. Il en est résulté une avalanche de blessures aux quarts-arrières et plusieurs aux demis offensifs, parce que la pression à la ligne d'engagement est devenue critique. Avant l'introduction de cette règle, les coordonnateurs défensifs pouvaient concevoir des jeux axés davantage sur la couverture, ce qui laissait des jeux où la pression à la ligne d'engagement était moins importante. On contenait le jeu au sol et on faisait une couverture de passe plus serrée pour couper les options au quart. Avec les nouvelles règles, cette stratégie ne peut plus être employée. Le résultat est que les joueurs derrière la ligne offensive sont exposés à davantage de pression à chaque partie.

Wow classy. Just to refresh your memory. This is the cheap shop that was the beginning of then end for Cornish. "blaming other players as you put it" was justified. This is a brutal and cheap shot that "did" result in the end of his career. Whether "you" liked Cornish or not does not diminish the cheapness of this hit.

If this is indeed true, sad to see a guy go (Canadian to boot) who just a couple of seasons ago was legitimately threatening the single season rushing record. :frowning:
He was one of the few recognizable stars from this league who could be considered a cornerstone of the franchise he played for. (unlike the well traveled Jerome Messam). The fact he was Canadian and that was/is a shining example to young football players in this country hurts even more.

damn concussions

I don't remember who else has to quite early because of concussions, but it really bummed me out when dunigan had to retire. Now jon too.

total bummer for him and for cfl fans.

That's really to bad for Cornish, I really detested the guy only because of countless times he would get the ball on a 2nd and 5 and run for 15 time and time again, but as a football player he was a great player that will be missed . For a RB of his style he had a long career, I'm sure he leaves with no regrets . Wish him well in his future endeavours .
Thanks for everything you did for the CFL :thup:

It seems the way things are going even more than in the past, with escalated scrutiny of concussions and worse head injuries, that more running backs than ever are done for pro football even before they reach 30. And such starters I don't think have even been rarer.

By my estimate, we may have only one starter in the CFL in 2016 aged at least 30: Jerome Messam.

Take for example all the active RB's in the CFL who will be 30 next season:

Pos 	I/N 	HT 	WT 	Birthday 	College
0 	Logan, Stefan 	RB 	International 	5.06 	180 	1981-06-02 	South Dakota
2 	Brown, Tim 	RB 	International 	5.08 	190 	1984-10-25 	Temple
9 	Cornish, Jon 	RB 	National 	6.00 	219 	1984-11-05 	Kansas
33 	Messam, Jerome 	RB 	National 	6.03 	245 	1985-04-02 	Graceland
10 	Simpson, Chad 	RB 	International 	5.09 	205 	1985-08-22 	Morgan State
3 	Whitaker, Brandon 	RB 	International 	5.10 	200 	1985-09-07 	Baylor
35 	St. Pierre, Tim 	RB 	National 	6.00 	230 	1986-04-18 	Saint Mary's
26 	Cote, Rob 	RB 	National 	6.01 	225 	1986-07-05 	Victoria Rebels
44 	Kackert, Chad 	RB 	International 	5.08 	206 	1986-09-15 	New Hampshire

Take out apparently Cornish and also take out Kackert despite his admirable comeback performances last season and only 29 as the next season starts. Logan at BC is a kick returner and not a running back anyway.

Of the rest, only Messam and Whitaker are true starting backs with Simpson only getting the nod to even be playing in the CFL after injuries to other starters.

I have little doubt that Messam will be back as a starter, but will also Whitaker? We are left with two at most.

For those curious and by comparison, here's the NFL's list:

[url=] ... -backs.cfm[/url]

Some top names are on it, and seven of them who will be 30 or older next season are listed as starters in 2015, but I'd be very surprised to see either Deangelo Williams or Frank Gore remain as such next season.

I estimate that only four of these names will remain as NFL starters in 2016.

So easy for you to judge a pro athlete from your couch !! The 2014 Ticats game planned solely on stopping Cornish . Austin " not letting Cornish beat us" this opened up the passing game for the Bo Levi and they built a lead that held. He was key in the Stamps clinching 1st place in 2014 and having home field advantage !

Not sure if you saw the 2014 Grey Cup, but when Calgary's passing game completely disappeared in the 4thQ - - Howdy Doody was 2-6 for 15yds and an INT - - Cornish was nowhere to be found. Anthony Parker had as many rushing attempts in the 4thQ - - ONE - - as Cornish did.

The guy always got stage fright in the Grey Cup and played like a frightened deer caught in headlights.

Ignore the troll, he also said J.C. Sherritt was a wuss for not playing with a pin in his thumb. Sherritt hoisted the Grey Cup this year, Cornish last. I guess that must really eat at Area 51 craw. Where was his hero, on the couch watching the game.

:( bloody concussions!

I am sincerely concerned for this young man's future mental health but hoping for the best including a fulfilling post football career. :thup:

CFL News ?@CFL_News
.@calstampeders call news conference for 2pm MT to announce retirement of Jon Cornish. #CFL #Calstampeders via @sportscentre