Report - Colin Kaepernick worked out for CFL team in New Jersey

I first reported the Johnny Manziel news way before any major network reported it as fact. I reported Johnny Manziel would sign in the CFL and we all know he did.

Same source has informed me that Colin Kaepernick worked out twice for a CFL team that included multiple CFL personnel in attendance in a private event held in New Jersey.

Stay tuned for more details

I call BS. Als own his rights, there would not be multiple CFL personnel there.
How do you keep finding a way back in here ? LOL

There were multiple CFL personnel for Johnny Manziel.

Nice try!

If you don’t know. Just ask.

Welcome back, media.

aka MattsDad . aka ActionNews . The "Stay tuned for more details" and the lack of a link to back up what he's stating are a dead giveaway . Hopefully he doesn't start his shtick up again of cluttering up the board with all of his ridiculous new topics and posts like he did last year .

When did you first report this, and under what handle? It wasn't under "Commonwealth_Stadium". . .

Same source? WHAT source??

Name the source or begone with you

I place less faith in this report than NHL "scoops" from Eklund ... but technically "multiple CFL personnel" could all be from the Als or perhaps included a league official(s) to start the vetting that would be required for a contract to be approved; not the same type of issues as Manzel but the league would likely want to have a chat to ensure his interest was serious and his "taking a knee" philosophy wouldn't be a sideshow.

This Commonwealth Stadium aka many others dude must have a good VPN.

He never tires of doing the same thing over and over again. Now, Johnny has to start a poll. :slight_smile:

…I highly doubt he takes a CFL job while his collusion case against the NFL is still alive…

Can’t wait. Do it.

I can't see him coming to the CFL anytime soon.

Granted, trying out twice for 'a CFL team' could still be the same one - Als. The day after Freeman...ahem...retires, opens the door for a new tryout.

Multiple CFL personal could mean league officials as opposed to anyone from the other 8 teams.

Not holding my breath on this but if it's Access Media, he did call the Halifax expansion group weeks before it the story broke on mainstream news,.so time will tell.

But it was also reported week in advance away from mainstream media.

Not that I want the league cluttered with exNFL stories but the Manziel story is getting CFL press otherwise non existent . Gotta help ESPN2 get more time for CFL games on the screen . The CK story would also help . It doesn't hurt our own press either getting more media attention .

If CK is interested sincerely and he does come north it does add even more press to the CFL . Montreal is the best place for CK when it comes to the best opportunity to start and best environment in terms of cultural uniqueness in North America playing football .

Only way I see this if he wants to do this out of spite or gets a sponsorship.

I think he wants to be an activist.

He'd be in Liberal heaven, he may never want to go back home :slight_smile:

Maybe CK can become a full time activist/protestor. Here in Canada we try to stop or protest almost anything that makes sense - so he should fit right in.

In the meantime I've very happy to see the NFL making their stand in the anthem protest sideshow and eradicating this BS from their league.

As far as I'm aware, this has not been corroborated in the media (no insider info here, I work with servers, not people) so this is locked and the returning banned member is re-banned.