Report: Chris Jones returns to CFL with Argos

Joining as defensive coach - a much improved unit over the past few years. Apparently Glen Young is out

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I like the Argos but they have suddenly become my least favorite team.

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How long till he turns his back and goes somewhere else like he has done so many times in the past

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Good move by the Argos to sign Chris Jones. They have very good defensive players and they will play better under Chris Jones.

I am an Alouettes fan, but it does not mean that I can't applaud teams when they sign good players or coaches.



Given his track record he is a hard man to trust. He is SO BLATANTLY untrustworthy but he will no doubt help TO

If the reason for his arrival is because of the leave for Bell and Young. If they get vaxxed then Jones may not have to last the rest of the season.....still time to join another team :wink:

Toronto is in my mind the top team now.

I said they'd take the east. Many scoffed at me for saying that.

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They guy can coach and his defenses are incredible

But the guy is a Johnny come lately and will abandon a team in a heartbeat if something else he wants comes up

He is the kinda coach you want when you want to blow a team up and once his work is done let him move on ....the Mike Keenen of the CFL

That and his total control when there attitude

I had thought he would surface in Ottowa actually

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To be fair, he was named coach of the year and then the NFL opportunity came knocking, yes he abandoned the Riders but we can all understand to coach in the big league.
And I can understand why he did abandoned the head coach job at South Pittsburgh Tenn high school to return to the CFL.


Give it a week...


I thought something was up in the CFL coaching ranks when DeVone Claybrooks said last week that he was in isolation/quarantine. Claybrooks also said that some team offering him the position of HC or DC was not required. He would have been willing to be a DL coach in the CFL.

This is my speculation, but I would not be surprised if the Argos talked to Claybrooks in addition to Chris Jones. Claybrooks has a relationship with Rich Stubler as they coached together in Calgary. Then for whatever reason, Argos picked Jones over Claybrooks.

I think BC Lions is still paying Claybrooks to sit at home. I'd squeeze every penny out of that buyout if I was him

It is time though that he makes his intentions clear. He is a proven bona fide CFL coach perhaps not a HC. He'll have to reprove himself. I suspect he will resurface in Calgary next season in some capacity. He seems like a real good guy.

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I hope Pinball keeps Jones in check, stay within the rules, personally not my fave. That said welcome back to the CFL

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Chris Jones is a comically over rated coach.

He can get away with his ridiculous schemes in the CFL because it’s filled with other mediocre to terrible coaches - - but he’s hopelessly unqualified to coach at the NFL level or even NCAA level.

He was handed a job in Cleveland thanks to his old buddy - - the laughably incompetent Fat Freddie Kitchens - - but after only one year the Browns had seen enough and erased him from their coaching staff.

The ONLY coaching job Jones could find in America was at a dinkified little no-name high school.

And then he quits TWO (2) games into his “career” there.

Jones is going to be shaking his head when he sees his high school football team gets more people out for a game compared to the Argos.

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Exactly. He probably watched Ottawa get mauled by BC and smelled blood in the water. His next move will be to approach the Red Blacks with the less than subtle intention of taking the team from LaPo either now or in the off season. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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