Report: CFL Lockout Looming

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Potential disaster for the league, and although i dont ever see it happening...its an interesting article when there's talk of work hours and Canadian ratio rules.

I am shocked at the hipocrisy of Cohon and the BOG. What happened to this is our league ?

If the league is going to go to 4 Non Imports, please remove the Canadian out of the name and stop using the Maple Leaf in your logo, call it something else. Every time this league seems to make headway, they go and do some stupid things like this.

IMO there should be 12 of 24 starters that are Canadian, going to 4 starters is insulting to me anyway.

The minute the Union agrees to go below 50 percent Canadians they lose control of their union to Americans.

League should thread real carefully on this because if they strip this league from most of its Canadian content. I might as well follow the NFL.

Mark, dont take us for fools...

Call it the XCFL

they really should just increase roster sizes... but that means a much higher cap.

There is no issue, right now. Injuries have been part of the game forever and this league has been around for 50 plus years with higher Canadian content than now. There is more to this than finding players. Rules are the same for all teams. League has a responsability to create opportunities for Canadian players and grow the game in this country. They've weakened the ration enough as it is.

When you have only 1 or 2(at most) players coming out of the CFL draft per year and actually starting or doing anything that impacts the game(or results in statistics other than special teams tackles), you know there is a problem. For example, this past draft, the only players that have seemingly done anything are Legare who has had a bit of playing time from my knowledge, and Rottier who has played a bit for the ticats. Being forced to play Canadian players that suck is not going to solve this problem. What will solve this problem is Canadian universities improving their football programs through increased funding from the government. Reducing Canadian starters by 2-3 WILL have a very noticeable impact on the quality of the game. If Canadian players are good enough to take roster spots in the CFL, they will, but teams should not be forced to start a large number of Canadians considering most NI backups on teams are complete garbage.

If there is a CFL lockout, it could really kill the league and the momentum it has gained the past few seasons. Hopefully if they are forced into a lockout they go with the "replacement players" route as opposed to the NHL's kill the season route.

I like seeing guys like Baggs, Fantuz, Emry develop.

Lockout is Management driven. As long as the players agree to play the entire season there is no need for a lockout other than to break a union. Why would the owners create a lockout situation, they are NOT losing money, the CFLPA has never done the league wrong.

I dont think they are complete garbage and if the rules are the same for all teams there is no issue. They said the same thing last time they reduced Canadian starters.

A lock out or strike will kill this league or at least hurt it tremendously. I really really really hope the powers that be realize this. I have not watched an inning of baseball since the strike in the 90's. I have maybe watched 3 games total combined of NHL since their strike (might also be that the leafs suck so bad). CFL players are not overpay'ed babies and multimillionaire whiners they are very hard working folk. I will definalty support the league through this, but many people will not. Some will just need their football fix and turn south, some will get in to other sports. We might not see these folks again.

You had a nice argument up to this point. Throwing money at it doesn't always solve problems. That type of thinking has led us to where we are today - bankrupt. Where is this extra money suppose to come from?

If the talent level coming out of the CIS needs to improve that's only going to happen by better athletes choosing football as their sport in high school. Find out why kids today are not playing the game in the numbers they used to and you'll be on the path to finding out why the talent level between Imports and Non is so wide.

A lock out is an assinine idea. Hopefully those in charge will realize our league doesn't have the strength of the majors and not be so arrogant as to assume it will be around in perpetuity.

Lockout/Strike = RIP CFL

The CFL is in such a good place right now and is still building momentum. Why would you want to slow/stop that?

They will have 6 months between the Grey Cup and training camp to work this out. Keep it out of the papers and reach a deal that both sides agree on.

Look at how baseball's strike killed the Blue Jays.

Look at how the NHLs strikes and lockouts over the years have killed attendance in the USA.

The NBA has almost recovered from their lockout.

The NFL hasn't had labour problems since the 80s but looks like they might have an issue after next year's uncapped year.

Fans don't deserve strikes or lockouts. If you can't come to terms, just extend the current contract by a year and that gives you another year to work out a deal.

The CFL is such a small league and any games lost wouldn't help at all.

I know that if there is labour unrest that goes into the 2010 season, I think it would spell the end of the CFL.

The CFL is actually listening!!

I have been trying for the past couple of years to persuade the league to reduce the Canadian content.
It hasn’t worked and it gets more difficult to field Canadian players. We want to see the best players on the field!!!
The CFL shouldn’t be a make work project form Canadian Offensive Linemen and back up receivers.

If the reduction in the Canadian content rule results in a strike then its well worth it. Bravo to the CFL.

I love these rules, the only thing i'd tweek is starting 4, i hate that teams can start 4 wherever they want, it should be 2 on the feild, not 4 on offence non on defence which teams will obviously do now.

I hate unions and whinners who should be thankful there is a CFL and they get an opportunity to make a living playing football for a living while making a name for themselves in the community. They need to realize that by agreeing to this they're making the product better which will lead to more money in their pocket down the road, unions do nothing but stunt economic growth.

The CFL has to NO any kind of Lockout or labor dispute will kill our Great Canadian League .

This is how story's get Press onto a situation . The press have power and not allways right here is a situation
that has come to light and a source revealing this !!

it's Called inside work by someone that want's this topic on the table before the Best week of Canadian Football in a long time. This weeks press and media around all the games that have huge outcomes .Alot of folks watching football this weekend so knowing you have all these viewers watching TSN they will talk about Labor issues and the leagues stand and the players stand it's a good way to get the topic up for discussion on boards like these all over the CFL ....

Some big games today and tomorrow and of course Sunday's main event ....
We have all off season to deal with this but so much press on this weeks games in the sport's media that it was a purrrrrfect time to reveille this Issue when the numbers and ratings will be high people are in front of TV's and radios and internet ......Media Resources

They realease this same story week 1 and not last week of regular season with playoffs just around the corner ....
Its a numbers game for whos reading or viewing this story on a week with the highest ratings next to the playoffs ..

you have been trying to persuade the league to reduce Canadian Content ?
We want to see the best players on the field too but still have that remaining Canadian content in place.

The problems not here in our league it’s the Junior programs all around Canada that need help to develop players that can make impacts …Then your thoughts would change if we had more standout Canadian players …
Our problem is the few Great Canadian kids to come out of Cis or other schools head for the Big pay day …

There could be labour strife looming on the horizon for the CFL.

Two league sources requesting anonymity told The Canadian Press on Thursday the CFL Players' Association is visiting with teams talking about of a potential lockout as the two sides head into the off-season looking to secure a new collective bargaining agreement.

The present deal expires the day before the start of training in 2010. Preliminary talks have begun between the two sides, with real negotiations expected to heat up over the winter. However, one source said negotiations aren't going well and if the CFL and the CFLPA can't reach an agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement before camp and league holds the right to lock its players out.

I really think maybe the should lock players out ..

4.5 Hours a Day is not enought time for what there being Paid the should have put in 8 hours

Also I can see dropping the # of Canadians by 1.

I think it's all about $$$. They can get US players much cheaper than Canadians. If a team doesn't need as many legitimate Canadian 1st stringers, it can get by quite nicely with Americans for a much lower price.

I hate this idea. Canadians playing significant roles in the CFL is important to me. But I also think that a lockout/strike will really damage the CFL. I hope this can be resolved before reaching that point.

An Argo-Cat fan

It might be stating the obviuos, but a lockout is good for no-one, the fans, the players, or the owners. Hopefully none of the current issues being discussed are so important that a lockout will be required. There is a lot of time to get a deal done, and hopefully the powers that be will get something in place before next year.

As far as the issues being discussed, the ratio will always be discussed, because there is no cut and dry number of non-imports required to create a product that will bring in the fans. I see the importance of having a set ratio number, and having Canadians on the team, but there is the fact that there are 10 Americans born for every Canadian, and the ratio of those that play organized football is probably higher. It doesn’t take a geneous to figure out that reducing the number of American players allowed to play on the team will have an impact on the quality of the game on the field.

The amount of time that players are allowed to practice also has a bigger impact on the on field product. You can’t even compare the NFL to the CFL when it comes to time that players dedicate to practicing. That’s no a rub against the CFL players, just the CFL rules.

All of this said, I’d love to see larger rosters, maybe a few more imports, more players on the practice roster, more time for players to practice, and a higher cap to be able to sign better talent, all because this would result in a better product on the field. The downside of all of this, is each one of these things costs the team more money. This can only be generated by better contracts with sponsers, better TV contracts, and/or by raising ticket prices.

The trick is finding the balance of improvements that will not cost too much. Some increases in cost will ultimately be passed onto the fans. The point at which the fans are going to say the price is too much is what must be determined during the contract negotiations.

Let’s hope there will be some improvements at not too much cost.


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Ladies and gentlemen,let's hear it for Milton Friedman!!!!

A lockout is management driven to force a decsion THEY want.

Let's hope that both sides come to a negotiated settlement based on some form of respect in keeping with the spirirt of collective bargaining.

I am sure both sides will negotiate in good faith and resolve their differences. Fortunately for CFL fans, Drexl will not be at the bargaining table. With comments like " I hate unions" and "unions do nothing but stunt economic growth", he lacks the requisite skills to bring both sides together. But hey Drexl, look on the bright side, Mike Harris would be proud of you. :smiley:
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7)